Saranac Synagogue News: Shabbos Vayishlach (November 19-20, 2021 / 15-16 Kislev, 5782)

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Nov 19, 2021, 3:14:19 PM11/19/21
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Saranac Synagogue News: Shabbos Vayishlach (November 19-20, 2021 / 15-16 Kislev, 5782)

Shalom Aleichem! We wish everyone a pleasant Shabbos!

·         We will be unable to form a minyan this Shabbos. Please attend the synagogue of your choice. Good Shabbos!

COVID-19 RULES: Masks are OPTIONAL if you are at least partially vaccinated. Masks are REQUIRED if you are not vaccinated.

Friday: Candle lighting: 4:30 PM, Shabbos begins: 4:48 PM.

Saturday: Zeman Shema: before 9:37 AM;   Zeman Tefilah: before 10:25 AM.

Chatzos 12:00 PM, Mincha Gedolah, 12:25 PM. Mincha Ketana, 2:50 PM, Plag Hamincha, 3:49 PM.

Shalos Seudos in Shul, 4:30 PM.

Shabbos ends: Shul tradition, 60 min.: 5:48 PM.   42 min.: 5:30 PM.  72 min.: 6:00 PM.


The shul welcomes Bernie Brothman! Go Bills!! Please contact Bob for further information pertaining to his visit.


The Parshah in a Nutshell


Genesis 32:4–36:43


Jacob returns to the Holy Land after a 20-year stay in Charan and sends angel-emissaries to Esau in hope of a reconciliation, but his messengers report that his brother is on the warpath with 400 armed men. Jacob prepares for war, prays, and sends Esau a large gift (consisting of hundreds of heads of livestock) to appease him.


That night, Jacob ferries his family and possessions across the Jabbok River; he, however, remains behind and encounters the angel that embodies the spirit of Esau, with whom he wrestles until daybreak. Jacob suffers a dislocated hip but vanquishes the supernal creature, who bestows on him the name Israel, which means “he who prevails over the divine.”


Jacob and Esau meet, embrace, and kiss, but part ways. Jacob purchases a plot of land near Shechem, whose crown prince—also called Shechem—abducts and rapes Jacob’s daughter Dinah. Dinah’s brothers Simeon and Levi avenge the deed by killing all male inhabitants of the city, after rendering them vulnerable by convincing them to circumcise themselves.


Jacob journeys on. Rachel dies while giving birth to her second son, Benjamin, and is buried in a roadside grave near Bethlehem. Reuben loses the birthright because he interferes with his father’s marital life. Jacob arrives in Hebron, to his father Isaac, who later dies at age 180. (Rebecca has passed away before Jacob’s arrival.)


Our Parshah concludes with a detailed account of Esau’s wives, children, and grandchildren; the family histories of the people of Seir, among whom Esau settled; and a list of the eight kings who ruled Edom, the land of Esau’s and Seir’s descendants.

Parshah in a Nutshell is copyrighted by its author, publisher and/or, and is produced by If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further, provided that you do not revise any part of it, and you include this note, credit the author, and link to If you wish to republish this article in a periodical, book, or website, please email .


David Kunkel, Media Coordinator / Webmaster / Gabbai, for
Shmuel Rashkin, President   •   Bob Alt, Vice President

The Saranac Synagogue

Congregation Achei Tmimim   •   85 Saranac Ave   •   Buffalo, NY 14216   •


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