Saranac Synagogue News: Shabbos Shemini – Parshas Parah (March 25-26, 2022 / 22-23 Adar II, 5782)

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Saranac Synagogue News: Shabbos Shemini – Parshas Parah (March 25-26, 2022 / 22-23 Adar II, 5782)

Shalom Aleichem! We wish everyone a pleasant Shabbos!

·         Shabbos services are suspended until further notice. Please attend the synagogue of your choice. Good Shabbos!

Friday: Candle lighting: 7:15 PM, Shabbos begins: 7:33 PM.

Saturday: Zeman Shema: before 10:14 AM;   Zeman Tefilah: before 11:16 AM.

Chatzos 1:21 PM, Mincha Gedolah, 1:53 PM. Mincha Ketana, 5:00 PM, Plag Hamincha, 6:17 PM. Sunset is 7:35 PM.

Shabbos ends: Shul tradition, 60 min.: 8:35 PM.   42 min.: 8:17 PM.  72 min.: 8:47 PM.



·         Welcome back to Buffalo, Bernie Brothman!

·         Shabbos mevorchim chodesh Nissan. We skip "אב הרחמים" and "א-ל מלא." We DO say "צדקתך צדק."

·         “The molad of Nissan will be Friday, April 1, 4:36 PM.”

“Rosh Chodesh Nissan yihyeh b’yom Shabbos Kodesh.”
(observed from Erev Shabbos Ma’ariv on Friday, April 1 through Shabbos Mincha, April 2).

The Parshah in a Nutshell


Leviticus 9:1–11:47

On the eighth day, following the seven days of their inauguration, Aaron and his sons begin to officiate as kohanim (priests); a fire issues forth from Gd to consume the offerings on the altar, and the divine presence comes to dwell in the Sanctuary.

Aaron’s two elder sons, Nadav and Avihu, offer a “strange fire before Gd, which He commanded them not and die before Gd. Aaron is silent in face of his tragedy. Moses and Aaron subsequently disagree as to a point of law regarding the offerings, but Moses concedes to Aaron that Aaron is in the right.

Gd commands the kosher laws, identifying the animal species permissible and forbidden for consumption. Land animals may be eaten only if they have split hooves and also chew their cud; fish must have fins and scales; a list of non-kosher birds is given, and a list of kosher insects (four types of locusts).

Also in Shemini are some of the laws of ritual purity, including the purifying power of the mikvah (a pool of water meeting specified qualifications) and the wellspring. Thus the people of Israel are enjoined to “differentiate between the impure and the pure.”


Numbers 19

In preparation for the upcoming festival of Passover, when every Jew had to be in a state of ritual purity, the section of Parah  is added to the weekly reading this week. Parah relates the laws of the Red Heifer with which a person contaminated by contact with a dead body was purified.

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