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Dear All.

As my organization expands - sadly only proportional to my Salary Rise not otherwise , in 10 years of existence unaided institutionally - I need a Manager who can handle my chores - so I can concentrate on more crucial tasks.

The work is 100% remote. 

The Staff is expected to be very IT-savy above everything and can write English spellings of Sanskrit Titles accurately. Being great in Sanskrit is actually secondary.

Retired people and international scholars are also welcome but salary range is 15K-25K INR/month.

Pls. write to me at egangot...@gmail.com with your CV and your whatsapp number should be there.

Knowledge of Telugu Script will be additionally helpful as a Telugu group is partnering with us to scan big time in entire Telugu speaking belt.

Salary is not so high - but long term employment is guaranteed.

I have never let go any staff and always had work for everyone.

Thanks and regards.

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