Interested in fixing ocr texts (eg: dharmashAstra)?

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विश्वासो वासुकिजः (Vishvas Vasuki)

Oct 4, 2021, 1:54:26 AM10/4/21
to Hindu-vidyA हिन्दुविद्या,, shankara शङ्करः पुस्तकप्रकाशकः,, संस्कृतसन्देशश्रेणिः samskrta-yUthaH
namo vaH.

We want to correct/ match OCR text of the following (mostly English-heavy) books for private and/or public use. Want to contribute your efforts or sponsor hiring someone? Please let us know by email by private email.

- History of Dharmashastra by PV Kane
- rahasya-traya-sAra by vedAntadeshika, translated by Rajagopala Ayyangar
- tantrasAra by abhinavagupta, translated by Chakravarti

You may also join for such future opportunities.

Vishvas /विश्वासः

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