[Mkini] Lt. Kol Aziz Buyong, Kor Jurutera, Kementerian Pertahanan Malaysia

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Jun 22, 2008, 8:07:10 PM6/22/08

Lt. Kol Aziz Buyong, Kor Jurutera, Kementerian Pertahanan Malaysia

June 22, 2008 by drrafick
I refer to Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) stunning revelation (Malaysia Today, Saturday 21st June) alleging the direct involvement of Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, wife of Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak, in the murder of the Mongolian beauty, Altantuya Sharibu, send shivers down the spine of all peace loving Malaysians.

In that write-up, RPK mention the name of several military officers. One was Lt. Kol Aziz Buyong and the other is his wife, Lt. Kol Norhayati Hasan. Immediately after reading the write up, I started calling some friends who is serving in Mindef. For the record there is such a personality by the name and rank mention.

I was informed that Lt. Kol Aziz Buyong, was promoted rapidly by the previous PAT despite not having the minimum requirement of attending Staff College. Apparently, Aziz Buyong is the type of officer that brags a lot. Aziz Buyong is a serving officer with the Engineering Corps (Kor Jurutera). The wife was formerly serving in the PAT (Panglima Angkatan Tentera) office but now is serving in the Minister of Defence Office. Norhayati is also an officer with the Engineering Corp. They have been married quite a while and currently residing somewhere in Jalan Genting Klang.

While it is not fair to accuse couple without any solid evidence but the fact that the Norhayati works with the Defence Minister Office and is reportedly, known to Rosmah makes people wonder whether there is any truth in it. The fact that Aziz Buyong name was mention by RPK further raised suspicion. While RPK can sometimes be a good story teller but by making a court declaration means that he stands by what he says.
According to my friend who is working with the Engineering Corp in Mindef, the Engineering Corp has access to Plastic Explosives like C4. It is a controlled item. This creates some shivers in my spine. Could it be that an Engineering Officer use his own unit C4? According to my friend, Lt Kol Aziz Buyong was last seen in Sabah on assignment last Wednesday, 18/June/2008 and was suppose to be in the office on thursday but has not return to office since then.

This latest revelation, I believe is more damming to PM Abdullah Badawi and UMNO. I believe RPK revelation is done with certain coordination. Somehow, my gut feeling tells me that it has something to do with the proposed no confidence motion on the PM on Monday 23/6/08 by SAPP. Since it is still not certain whether the speaker will allow the motion but assuming it does take place tomorrow or in 2 weeks time the DYMM Agong has no choice but to pick the most suitable person and in his opinion command the respect of majority of the parliamentarians. At the moment Najib appears to be leading the list.

With RPK revelation, I believe Najib is carrying a big baggage and may not be acceptable to the DYMM Agong to lead the country. I doubt DYMM wants to taint the country image by appointing someone with excess baggage. This will spark another round of Royal Vs UMNO crisis. RPK mentions that another Ruler is aware of the involvement of Rosmah in the murder will make things more difficult for the DYMM Agong. If there is an UMNO- Palace crisis, I bet it would bad for the country. RPK revelation about the Royalty is equally intriguing. Why did he do that? What was RPK trying to achieve? I would like to quote what another blogger, Arshad Raji (http://www.mindnoevil.blogspot.com) wrote

“…and a mention of a Malay ruler (though not by name), as having the full knowledge of Rosmah’s involvement. If this is true, what this mean is that, all are liable to be dragged to the Shah Alam Court for conspiracy. Even officers from the military intelligence should suffer the same fate. What of Najib than? Your guess is as good as mine

From what has transpired, there is some credibility in the Conspiracy Theory involving the Military, Police, Immigration and the AG office (remember the judge was change and the prosecuting officers was change at the 11th hour). The question now is how far up does it goes. It is now on everyone mind. Comes monday morning, it is quite certain that stock market will melt further and as usual the government companies will come in and prop it up.
Since RPK do not wish to make a police report, shouldn’t anyone else does it? Otherwise the Police will not initiate and investigation. Pak Lah, I appeal to you do the right thing if there is any truth in what RPK has written. This two officers must also come forward and clear their name. It would not be right for anyone to make any kind of accusation against anyone but RPK S/D is just not another writing. Maybe PTD or PAT need to say something as the image of the Armed Forces now is on the balance?

Willie majali

Jun 23, 2008, 3:25:00 AM6/23/08
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Lt Kol Aziz Buyong was last seen in Sabah on assignment last Wednesday, 18/June/2008 and was suppose to be in the office on thursday but has not return to office since then. OI Bahaya kita ni. Dear YTL, Please be Alert. this people are Monster
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