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Jake W

Aug 17, 2021, 7:57:53 PM8/17/21
to Sandstorm Development
Hey all,

So, after some discussion about projects people wanted to see, and narrowing down to what we could get done in a relatively short timeframe with relatively small funds, we came up with a list of seven clearly defined projects. You can vote on which should be prioritized here, using Yes/Ifneedbe/No to designate where the project sits for you priority-wise:

Further details about what's included in each project, and the amount of time estimated to be needed to complete the project, along with how we are discussing invoicing it, can be found in the discussion here: (If there are projects that should've been on here that were not, feel free to speak up on this thread as well.)

Note that since we started working on this, mnutt has actually gone ahead and put out Davros 0.29.0 which mostly addresses all of the Davros issues, but the option remains on the poll at this point for historical reasons, since votes have already been cast.

As a note, if you want to fund these projects, it's now been a while since FundOSS, and an excellent time to set up a recurring donation on our OpenCollective:
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