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Same sloka different meanings
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Sir, Please find below the matter (in the form of editable word document)
contained in the image you have posted.
तमाखुपत्रं राजेन्द्र, भजमाज्ञानदायकम्।
Oh great King, don't be addicted to tobacco leaf, for it is a cause of
II. तमाखुपत्रं राजेन्द्र, भजमाज्ञानदायकम्।
Oh great King, worship the one whose vehicle is mouse Ganesha) and mother
who is a source of knowledge (Saraswati)
तमाखुपत्रं राजेन्द्र भजमाज्ञानदायकम्।
तमाखुपत्रं राजेन्द्र भज माज्ञानदायकम्।
तमाखु-पत्रं राजेन्द्र भज मा अज्ञानदायकम्।
तम् आखु-पत्रं राजेन्द्र भज मा ज्ञानदायकम्।
Oh king, do not take tobacco leaves, as it harms intelligence. Instead pray
to Ganesha whose vehicle is the mouse for knowledge and wealth.
आखुः - mouse/मूषक
पत्रम् - leaf, vehicle
मा - goddess/ mother/ wealth
भज - take/pray
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