विशाखा VISHAKHA A Communicative Sanskrit Learning Series

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Manish Modi

May 4, 2024, 10:55:08 PMMay 4
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Teaches Sanskrit simply and practically
Through both Hindi and English

Conforms to the NEP (National Education Policy) and
The National Curriculum Framework


A Communicative Sanskrit Learning Series
Written and compiled by Saroj Puri & Lata Arora
2024   18 x 12 cm   627 pages in full-colour   Paperback   1.5 kilos
Set of 6 books
₹ 1674

Experience the Difference:

  • Revolutionary Teaching: Unleash the Future with 21st-century Methods

  • Holistic Awakening: Dive into a World of Complete Learning

  • Experiential Magic: Transform Learning into an Unforgettable Adventure

  • Cultural Odyssey: Journey into the Heart of Indian Heritage

  • Language Fusion: Teaches Sanskrit through a seamless blend of Hindi and English 

  • Artistic Marvel: Immerse Yourself in a World of Visual Splendour

  • Dynamic Animation: Watch Chapters Come Alive with Vibrancy

  • Melodic Mastery: Enchant with Karaoke Sanskrit Verse Recitals

  • Grammar Mastery: Elevate Your Skills with Extensive Practice

  • Thematic Vocabulary: Dive Deep into Contextual Learning

  • Empowering Engagement: Spark Active Language Use and Skill Mastery

  • Educational Compliance: Aligned with the NEP and National Curriculum Framework

  • Assessment Assurance: Ace Your Exams with a Model Test Paper

Unlock the power of VISHAKHA and set sail on an unforgettable journey of knowledge and enlightenment!

This landmark set of books is being sold at our bookstore and through mail order! We ship books worldwide and accept IMPS, NEFT, Visa and MasterCard payments.

Best regards,

Manish Yashodhar Modi

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