Rare Nrusimhashtakam from Linga Mahapuranam

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May 17, 2022, 12:48:01 PMMay 17
Dear All,

Greetings and Namaste. As Sri Nrusimha Jayanti falls on Saturday, the 14th of May 2022, I am delighted to share a very rare Ashtakam (8-stanza hymn) on Lord Nrusimha by Devas such as Lord Brahma, Sadhya, Yama Varuna, etc. taken from Sri Linga Mahapurana, Purva Bhaga and Chapter 95.

They pray to Lord Nrusimha with this hymn to requesting Him to shed his fierce lion-human form but unfortunately Lord Nrusimha does not oblige. They later pray to Lord Shiva who then takes Lord Sharabheshwara form to pacify Lord Nrusimha. As this happens at the Pradosha time (the time when day and night meet) on the 14th bright half, Pradosha time is auspicious equally for the prayer of Lord Nrusimha and Lord Shiva. There is also a practice to perform Abhishekam to Lord Nrusimha using Rudram, a hymn devoted to Lord Shiva.

But as we have seen innumerable times in the past, our scriptures don't entertain any difference between the various deity forms of the one and only Almighty. The deity forms are just name-tags for the various celestial duties performed by The Almighty. On the contrary, they strictly warn that anyone who harbors differences among the Trinity are signing up for their own sojourn in the goriest of hells. Lord Rama explains this unequivocally in Padma Puranam, Patala Khanda, Chapter 46, Verses 20-21:

rAma uvAca-
mamAsi hRRidaye sharva bhavato hRRidaye tvaham | Avayor antaraM nAsti mUDhAH pashyanti durdhiyaH || 20 ||
ye bhedaM vidadhatyaddhA Avayor eka-rUpayoH | kuMbhIpAkeShu pacyante naAH kalpa-sahasrakam || 21 ||

Meaning : Lord Rama said - Lord Sharva (Shiva) is posited in my heart and I am posited in Lord Bhava (Shiva). There is no difference between us. Those fools with crooked intellgence that see difference between us will be punished in the hell named Kumbhipakam where they will be fried in oil for 1000s of Kalpas.

May We Pray to Lord Nrusimha with this beautiful hymn on Nrusimha Jayanti!

With best regards & Pranams,
K. Muralidharan Iyengar (Murali)

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