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Aug 13, 2015, 4:00:12 PM8/13/15
to Salop Hackspace
How do you fund the premises for a Hacker Space, How do you pay for utilities and insurance, Who can access the premises and from what time to what time, do you have senior members to oversee various shifts, what is the cost per sqaure ft / yard / metre to rent a building, is it run as a charity and if so I presume the rates are nil? All constructive comments please, my son wants to consider setting one up in Wolverhampton.

Richard Smedley

Aug 13, 2015, 4:13:20 PM8/13/15
Hi Calvados,

Salop Hackspace doesn't exist as a hackspace, and all of
the makerspace type activities can be found via the
Shropshire LUG [1] mailing list.

However, Potteries Hackspace [2] in Newcastle-under-Lyme
and Fizzpop [3] in Birmingham are also close to you and
your son, and worth contacting and / or visiting.

Answers to most of your practical questions can be found
in the FAQs and the mailing list archives of the UK Hackerspace
group [4]. Speaking from experience [5] in the long process of
helping getting the Potteries group going, building a
core group of people is often necessary before getting
any sort of premisis, but getting a space is crucial to then
building viable membership numbers - it's a paradox
most groups have faced unless very lucky with support
or membership!

Hope that helps,

 - @RichardSmedley

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