Rv: Nota de Anita Sharma/ La foto de Sai Baba de fue regalada al Senador Obama

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Nov 21, 2008, 4:27:23 AM11/21/08
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Om Sai RAM, 
Querido grupo de sai_bab...@googlegroups.com , miembros devot@s y amig@s comparto con vosotros  este genial artículo de unos devotos de USA que tuvieron una reunión con el antes senador Obama en septiembre, estos devotos le regalaron una foto de Swami a B. Obama para que lo guie y cuide, tras ganar Obama la candidatura, los devotos son invitados a celebrar la victoria...leer mas----> abajo el artículo original en inglés procedente de: saibabanews <saibab...@yahoo.com>
con cariño desde Madrid:
y familia
pd traduccion esta realizada por nuestra querida Herta Pfiefer adjunto en doc. word.
Herta muchisimas gracias por tu detalle me alegro mucho de que te animaras, y por mi de no haber enviado esto antes, gracias querida HERTA nuestra!!!!
om sai ram



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Asunto: Nota de Anita Sharma

        Querida hermanita !
        Pensándolo bien, dejé de lado la flojera y traduje el texto...
        ¡Espero te sirva !

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Asunto: [saibabanews] Sathya Sai Baba's picture was given to Senator Barak Obama - Sept. 25, 2008
Sai Ram All,
I just want to share the good news that Swami is with Obama. When Obama
Came to Pittsburgh in Sept unannounced for a private meeting with host
Committee in Pittsburgh, we were invited as a part of the host committee
Team. We had an opportunity to speak to him personally for few minutes.
I gave him Sai Baba's picture, he took it and looked at it intensely and
Asked 'who is this'? I told him HE is my spiritual guru and am
Giving you for your guidance, good luck and protection. He put the
Picture in the pocket of his coat and told me he will always keep it.
Few hours later, my husband got a call from Obama's campaign manager
And security people as to what was that picture about because Obama kept
That picture in his wallet. My husband explained to them that the
Picture is our spiritual master and we gave him for his good luck,
Guidance and safety. They were ok with that response.
Few days ago, my husband was invited for Obama Victory celebration and the
Same campaign manager said Dr. Sharma your guru's picture has worked.
Enjoy these four pictures.
Swami is with Obama and guiding him every step of the way. It augurs
Well for the whole mankind.
Anita Sharma
Source: http://www.lankanew spapers.com/ news/2008/ 11/35379_ 3_space.html? CH11227154250015 EN1

*** Moderator's Note about Photo 3: The Indian American community in Pittsburgh, Pennsylavania held a small reception/fundraise r for Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama on Sept. 25, 2008. In this day the incident narrated occurred. - (From left) Ravi Balu, S K Reddy, Anita Sharma, Senator Obama, Mrs S K Reddy, Dr Brahma Sharma, Ganesh Mani, Warner Maclin, Gunjan Kedia and Sridhar Tayur. http://us.rediff. com/cms/print. jsp?docpath= //news/2008/ sep/25look. htm ***

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