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Ajay Kumar [AJuOnLiNE]

Sep 4, 2008, 8:00:25 AM9/4/08
to Sahana Localization
All translators working on the Sahana Hindi translation please use
this thread for discussions and announcing anything.
Some important changes made to the Translation work flow.
The Main sahana.po file for HINDI has been partitioned to enable ease
of translation so that multiple translators don't compete for the same
Some existing translators have been assigned Specific parts. So it is
recommended you work on the part assigned to you.

Please click "Show Goals" to see your assigned parts.

If you do not see your translations showing up immediately after
clicking "Suggest" DO NOT PANIC and leave, it is because your entries
are to be approved by language maintainers and it is done every
midnight[IST] if not earlier, daily.

This way you can also work offline on the PO files assigned to you.
And finish and upload quickly.

Current maintainers:

1. Ajay Kumar [me] - ajuo...@gmail.com
2. Guntupalli Karunakar - karu...@indlinux.org

Please make SURE do mark a copy to our friendly Pootle Server admin:
Dominic König <dom...@nursix.org>

In case you decide to work on a particular file offline and ensure to
finish it, make sure you announce it here on the list.

A little user guide for Pootle translators to the Sahana Wiki,

Kind regards,

Ajay Kumar

Ajay Kumar [AJuOnLiNE]

Sep 5, 2008, 8:40:34 AM9/5/08
to Sahana Localization
Some important observations:
Update on: http://tinyurl.com/sahana-hindi
People using the Google Bot to translate would need to note the
1. Take care of the "redundant" spaces the Bot adds. In case you copy
paste. Make sure you do not paste any extra spaces with that.

Another thing:
1. Some english texts have an "UNDERSCORE" i.e. "_" in the beginning
or the end.
It represents a BLANK SPACE. So make sure you "ADD" an extra SPACE to
your translated Hindi text.

For e.g.:
"Full Name :_"
Must by translated as
"पूरा नाम : "
Kindly note the spaces I added there.


Ajay Kumar [AJuOnLiNE]

Sep 5, 2008, 1:27:35 PM9/5/08
to Sahana Localization
A FULL STOP/ Period == " । " sign in Hindi.
Kindly copy paste this from here. In case you cant figure it out.

And please make sure you follow the spaces!
I dont want your suggestions to be rejected Just coz it contains
redundant spaces :D


Ajay Kumar [AJuOnLiNE]

Sep 5, 2008, 1:55:10 PM9/5/08
to Sahana Localization
1. Occasionally you will find "HTML" code in the translations.
Please let them be as it is. But DO include them in your translation!

2. In cases of continuation texts. Use your Hindi sense to do the
translation. Try speaking the sentence :D

And marking the translation accordingly.

Ajay Kumar

Sep 5, 2008, 3:03:32 PM9/5/08
to Sahana Localization
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