Pakistan Coordiantion Meeting

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Michael Howden

Aug 24, 2010, 1:24:58 PM8/24/10
2010-08-24 - 12.18 UTC


LOGS: (from 12:18:28)

Azhar Rizvi (Rotary)
Imran Haider (Rotary)
Michael Howden (Sahana)
Fran Boon (Sahana)
Pat Tressel (Sahana)


(Please revise any errors)

Rotary shared some of the work which they have been done and are planning to

* Rotary is conducting a number of Assessments for different organisations.
MH: Could the templates for these Assessments be shared? Could the
Assessments be entered into Sahana?

* Rotary has trained a team from Shell to use the Sahana Organisation
Register. Shell will be buying water pruification units and solar lights for
the shelters. This could be a better use case for the shelter registry and
distribution module. The distribution module is still under development.

* Rotary is planning trainings with University groups. They will create two
teams, one of student and faculty volunteers who should be on the ground and
a high level team of senior faculty members to oversee their work. Their
focus will be on verifying assessments and incident reports. This
information would then be shared with NGOs, Government, Media and the Army.
MH Could they also register shelters? Could they use Sahana to upload

* The Punjab IT Board and NADRA/NDMA are using Sahana Agasti

* One of the challenges identified is reporting flood reports and requests
from the field. SMS would be an option for this. MH What would be the
workflow for this? Would they all be initially reported as incidents and
then categorized? How would the incident be linked to the flood

* It was suggested to form a core technical team in Pakistan. There tasks
would be:
* Document User Stores
* Run through these on the test site to see how it works
* Log Bugs & Feature Requests
* Write User documentation
They would also be valuable for:
* Supporting Users (Helpdesk?)
* Data Entry / Cleaning
Should they communication using or MH Recomends using at least for the internal
communication of the team. An email has been sent to follow up on this

* FB Enquired regarding a SMS Server. FB sent an email to AR who will follow
up with local telcos.

* Currently Rotary is registering shelters and requests for relief. Along
with Red Crescent they will be distributing Relief to these Shelters. MH
recommended that this would be an excellent opportunity to use Sahana:
* The workflow is happening internally within Rotary, is easier to control
and is easier to get hold of information.
* Will give visibility to the distribution of aid
* Lead by example. When all of the Rotary distributions a published on
Sahana, other organisations will want to follow.
AR will send the templates which have been used to gather information so
far. MH and PT will revise the Shelter and Request modules to be ready for
the 25th August so AR can arrange entered the paper records they have.

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