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William Stein

Mar 22, 2011, 3:48:31 PM3/22/11
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From: Jason Grout <jason...@creativetrax.com>
Date: Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 12:19 PM
Subject: [sage-notebook] Matplotlib html5 canvas and Sage
To: sage-notebook <sage-n...@googlegroups.com>, Michael Droettboom

I just watched the Sage Days 29 Intro video, and Michael mentioned
that he was open to suggestions for matplotlib projects.  I'm sending
this message to both Michael and sage-notebook in case anyone else has
something to suggest or comment on.

Michael: First, thanks for your help!  Here are a couple of
suggestions that would be very valuable, I think:

1. It would be fantastic if we could somehow get "live" 2d plotting in
the Sage notebook, maybe using the html5 canvas backend for
matplotlib.  I don't know of anyone in the Sage community who is
familiar with the listeners and handlers for interacting with
matplotlib plots.  Even if this project isn't feasible in the next few
days, it would be great if you could give a short tutorial on the
architecture behind interacting with matplotlib plots to someone (I'll
be there Thursday and Friday, for example).

2. Right now we disable the GUI frontends (e.g., the Tk frontend) on
matplotlib by default.  I think there was a problem once with
autodetection logic if things were installed on a system that didn't
have X (sage.math).  It would be great if we could turn the
autodetection back on so that Sage by default would have the
interactive GUIs compiled with matplotlib.  I think this would involve
looking at the matplotlib spkg and talking with William (who
originally disabled the autodetection, IIRC).

3. It would be cool if eventually streamline plots were added to
matplotlib.  There was a mailing list message about this a while back.
I documented it at http://trac.sagemath.org/sage_trac/ticket/10775 to
make sure that the Sage project didn't forget the resources.

Anyways, if you find yourself with some time, those are several things
that I think would be great to do (in addition to the Python3 port, of



Jason Grout

William Stein
Professor of Mathematics
University of Washington

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