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Erik Bray

Aug 22, 2016, 5:19:35 AM8/22/16
to sage-devel,
Hi all,

Here is the result of my latest run of `./sage -t -a` on Cygwin 64-bit:

$ ./sage -t -a
Running doctests with ID 2016-08-19-18-59-29-d5e4434f.
Git branch: cygwin
Using --optional=mpir,python2,sage
Doctesting entire Sage library.
Doctesting 3444 files.
sage -t --warn-long 68.0 src/sage/interfaces/ # 1 doctest failed
Total time for all tests: 11840.1 seconds
cpu time: 8006.9 seconds
cumulative wall time: 10877.7 seconds

This is on a branch based on a somewhat old (maybe about a month)
version of the develop branch, plus all the fixes I've made so far for
Cygwin (not all of which have tickets yet).

The one failure is something of a fluke--I've actually *never* seen
that particular failure before this test run, and when I test that
module by itself it's passing. Nevertheless it does bother me a
little bit and I want to try to reproduce the failure. But it comes
as no surprise that there could still be semi-non-deterministic errors
in the pexpect interface.

Other than that, most things are working well. I believe there are
still some --long tests that are failing, which I have not looked into
yet. But I don't think there are many.

Once I've confirmed that I can get all the tests (including the expect
one) running reliably my next major goal is to get a build-bot set up
for Cygwin. This may be a bit challenging due to the unique
challenges of building Sage on Cygwin (namely, DLL rebasing), but not

For further status reports on Windows I will be posting just to the
sage-windows group, so you can join that if you're interested in this
effort and ignore otherwise:!forum/sage-windows

There are also some tickets needing review for various Cygwin-related issues:


Erik Bray

Aug 31, 2016, 12:54:55 PM8/31/16
to sage-devel,
On Wed, Aug 31, 2016 at 6:14 PM, Travis Scrimshaw <> wrote:
> I was able to get Cygwin64 to build successfully using 7.4.beta2 + Pynac
> 0.6.9 upgrade (#21369) + interpreter hack (#19868). I did have an issue with
> twisted not picking up zope_interface, but I was able to fix it by forcing a
> reinstall of zope_interface and then building twisted again.
> For Cygwin32, I'm stuck at pycrypto (#21236).
> Best,
> Travis

Thanks for giving it a try! I'm surprised actually that it worked,
since I still have a few patches that I haven't posted yet (though I
think those have more to do with getting some tests to pass, than
actually building).

I have a nicer patch for the autogen.interpreters issue, but it
depends on being accepted

I do hope to look into getting Cygwin32 builds working eventually too,
and will look at the issue with pycrypto if I get a chance.

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