Re: untarring symlinks with ../ fails randomly

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Dima Pasechnik

Apr 23, 2011, 3:12:43 AM4/23/11
The issue I have is exactly as described in
I can reproduce this on a very similar Windows 7 host.
(To be precise, it seems hard to predict when creating symlinks fails;
I could say
that perhaps 20% of them, on average, are not created correctly (i.e.
I get files of size 0 instead)).

The machine in question is a few days old VMWare virtual host on
a (firewalled) campus network, and has no BLODA on it, as far as I can tell.
(the only things installed are Cygwin (fresh full install) and Google
Chrome, in fact).

The issue does not limit iself to tar archives created on Cygwin.
We ran into this while working on porting Sage ( to Cygwin.

Dmitrii Pasechnik


Dima Pasechnik

Apr 24, 2011, 2:01:50 AM4/24/11
to sage-windows
it is now
with a workaround (create spkg with tar -h) described.

On Apr 23, 3:12 pm, Dima Pasechnik <> wrote:
> The issue I have is exactly as described in
>  cygcheck.txt
> 317KViewDownload

Dima Pasechnik

Apr 27, 2011, 12:31:41 PM4/27/11
to sage-windows
Dan Grayson (!) has proposed a patch for Cygwin tar to remedy this:

On Apr 24, 2:01 pm, Dima Pasechnik <> wrote:
> it is now
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