Does sagemath support something similar to numpy's einsum for symbolic arrays?

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Anton Todorov

Apr 9, 2024, 9:59:27 AMApr 9
to sage-support

It is a way to define multiple operations on arrays of arbitrary shape. I've not seen anything that suggests this is implemented in sagemath, but I was hoping there might be something hidden.

What I need this for is to calculate symbolic results of array operations which are too cumbersome to represent as matrix operations.

Matthias Koeppe

Apr 15, 2024, 10:19:29 PMApr 15
to sage-support

Anton Todorov

Apr 20, 2024, 10:13:14 AMApr 20
Looks close but not quite.

I'm interested in what's described here:

Basically a dumb as bricks extension to matrices to higher dimensions with a contraction along selectable axes, with no notion of co and contravariance, and ability to have any number of elements in each dimension, e.g. a (8,1,512) shaped tensor (or n-way-array) should be possible.

From what I've seen of tensors with indices are forced to be n-dimensional cubes (along with having the co and contravariant limitations to contractions). 

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