Sage 10.0.beta0 released

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Volker Braun

Feb 12, 2023, 6:54:51 PM2/12/23
to sage-release
As always, you can get the latest beta version from the "develop" git branch. Alternatively, the self-contained source tarball is at

This contains all remaining positively reviewed tickets that merged without issue. Since trac is read-only these will not be marked as closed in trac. If you miss anything that you worked on trac then please open a github PR now. From now on only github PRs will be merged.

3a044add339 (HEAD -> develop, tag: 10.0.beta0, github/develop) Updated SageMath version to 10.0.beta0
785ddef6338 Trac #34902: LatticePoset breadth, error in documentation
fb4f2e4e59d Trac #34901: random doctest failure in src/doc/en/thematic_tutorials/group_theory.rst
5d514225749 Trac #34871: rename "Starks" algorithm for isogenies to Stark
0993d40cb87 Trac #34767: Implement _latex_ method for (quasi)modular forms ring elements
e421c4ed528 Trac #34927: fricas interface: __reduce__ doctest failure
f9f0324eade Trac #34872: AdditiveAbelianGroup_class.exponent() returns a Python int for the trivial group
9cf6aa13382 Trac #34956: sage.{misc,monoids,sets}: Replace imports from sage.*.all for namespace packages
3095f5186d3 Trac #34952: sage.graphs: Replace imports from sage.*.all for namespace packages
67eab0ae0b1 Trac #34947: sage.{rings,modules,geometry}: Replace imports from sage.*.all for namespace packages
2cd6166b4d3 Trac #34945: Refactoring tool to fix modularization anti-patterns
c89822848e2 Trac #34930: a few pep8 details in modules
f0a7ebb71ea Trac #34928: about error messages in categories/
f93e0a78630 Trac #34926: Fix tests with giac>=
81ae8872fa5 Trac #34912: Reduced words of ReflectionGroup elements are not well-defined
b17e1171485 Trac #34518: Expand Schubert polynomials in the Key basis
12f635ee62b Trac #34414: Implement Key polynomials
b44d160a518 Trac #19594: Implement the cactus group
a88a8a4e1e0 Trac #34940: sagemath_doc_html depends on fpylll (for building)
7a5d67fdd14 Trac #34924: sage -i ore_algebra fails (→ upgrade ore_algebra)
42381bef4dd Trac #34937: sage-bootstrap-python should accept python3.11
3bd7154d230 Trac #34851: Upgrade singular to 4.3.1p3
c000c953eb6 (tag: 9.8, github/master) Updated SageMath version to 9.8

Matthias Köppe

Feb 12, 2023, 8:17:21 PM2/12/23
to sage-release
Thanks, Volker. I have closed the corresponding GitHub issues.

Henri Girard

Feb 13, 2023, 2:07:26 AM2/13/23

Thanks :)

I have been waiting for this version 10, already sage-9 has many improvment I found very useful (though I use sage in a very special way, since I can make %run .ipynb) I call it   Voie sage =dao de sage =Tao sage =道 sage



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Emmanuel Charpentier

Feb 13, 2023, 7:01:02 AM2/13/23
to sage-release
On Debian testing running on core i7 + 16 GB RAM, upgrading `9.8' to
`10.0.beta0' and running `ptestlong' results in two permanent failures :

 Doctest                                 Result            
 src/sage/graphs/generators/  2 doctests failed
 src/sage/graphs/     1 doctest failed  

These two failures were already reported for previous betas ; the
`fricas'-related failure has been fixed by #34927.

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