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Volker Braun

Aug 30, 2022, 9:15:10 PM8/30/22
to sage-release
As always, you can get the latest beta version from the "develop" git branch. Alternatively, the self-contained source tarball is at

cae9ee5177a (HEAD -> develop, tag: 9.7.rc0, trac/develop) Updated SageMath version to 9.7.rc0
6da95c029d7 Trac #34134: typo "infintiy" in docstring of r interface
7b69f459d6c Trac #33677: Fix typos in MixedIntegerLinearProgram backends
9b4c61aecba Trac #34443: less exclamation marks in error messages
27fc7d43766 Trac #34430: python_igraph: Update to 0.9.11, update spkg-install to use --config-settings
f913282bab4 Trac #34429: fix gforge inria links in docs
bcfab68d2ae Trac #34428: sage.manifolds, sage.tensor: Remove imports from sage.arith.all, sage.rings.all
523073c68e3 Trac #34426: import_statements: Accept more flexible input
b7ca62ee44b Trac #34388: a few more typos
570dba73449 Trac #34382: new bunch of fixed typos
349888c67b0 Trac #34380: Free module does not correctly check domains
e889f0b8c4a Trac #34369: pycodestyle cleanup in modular/modform/
e43cb0d3c57 Trac #34366: remove (object) in sage_docbuild
016e3bd50c5 Trac #34365: modernize super in numerical, plot, repl, topology
b709dacfc2b Trac #34362: fix some E275
0c4561bbc2c Trac #34361: some details in
4f9e201b101 Trac #34357: pycodestyle cleanup in src/sage/graphs/ (part 3)
d3fbb140a93 Trac #34354: pycodestyle cleanup in src/sage/graphs/
6b954469348 Trac #34353: Fix 4ti2 links and formatting
59e9feb77b9 Trac #34351: triangulated surface of genus six
69fd5e60f31 Trac #34348: Add section on disputed styles on developer guide
058236236ec Trac #34336: base_ring is wrong for rational points in a projective space over a finite field
8ef4334951a Trac #34331: fix E251 in geometry and manifolds
544b511cf6f Trac #34329: fix E251 in interacts and interfaces
65ae4da36bc Trac #34325: fix E251 in categories/
baabf3883fa Trac #34322: fix E251 in algebras/
7171eaec8eb Trac #34321: fix E251 in combinat/sf
1cc4209cdc0 Trac #34319: pycodestyle cleanup in src/sage/graphs/ (part 2)
c69e1c07bae Trac #34318: pycodestyle cleanup in src/sage/graphs/ (part 1)
72cd77c641e Trac #34317: pycodestyle cleanup in src/sage/graphs/ (part 3)
4d25bd229a5 Trac #34316: pycodestyle cleanup in src/sage/graphs/ (part 2)
bf270652734 Trac #34315: pycodestyle cleanup in src/sage/graphs/ (part 1)
fc5b7df43f6 Trac #34312: pycodestyle cleanup in strongly_regular_db.pyx (part 2)
74a2b650fec Trac #34311: pycodestyle cleanup in strongly_regular_db.pyx (part 1)
5717e46c901 Trac #34310: pycodestyle cleanup in distance_regular.pyx (part 2)
d27537d13ee Trac #34309: pycodestyle cleanup in src/sage/graphs/generators/
96740d8054b Trac #34304: pep8 cleanup for one file in quadratic_forms
60d94ce4b50 Trac #34299: refresh the Zariski-vanKampen file
60a157c604f Trac #34255: Make docker-in-docker available in Gitpod
735daa4cbc4 Trac #34192: Remove imports from sage.rings.all in sage.calculus, functions, symbolic
9cafd35cc74 Trac #34191: Remove imports from sage.rings.all in sage.modular
c21365ef2a6 Trac #34190: Remove imports from sage.rings.all in sage.schemes
5eb958dab1a Trac #34128: Improve symbolic operators documentation
2414ad3e020 Trac #34075: pycodestyle cleanup in 5 files of src/sage/graphs/
d11634abc0c Trac #34074: pycodestyle cleanup in src/sage/graphs/
26df030f4e8 Trac #34054: Update documentation for EnumeratedFamily
3432faedcd7 Trac #33972: Another error in height_difference_bound
ce875fa46cf Trac #33953: Add some methods to projective morphisms (rational maps)
f0d1549b285 Trac #33900: small enhancements to generic discrete logs
0a1d3ed593c Trac #34425: configure vscode pycodestyle linter
523695cc6df Trac #34424: Common base class for FiniteRankFreeModule and TensorFreeModule
8492e4a8f5d Trac #34407: Refactor lazy series code so that it works over any graded ring
7ed08458a5a Trac #34401: some details about MZV
ff9fa75dbc2 Trac #34400: EnumeratedSets: Add method 'tuple', avoid making copies
9c80ec3d625 Trac #34377: Improvements to ImageSet
d83fb880415 Trac #34376: Set_object_enumerated should be in FiniteEnumeratedSets()
f84d7a4402d Trac #34374: Use cantor_product for Cartesian products of infinite enumerated sets
1749b85ad9d Trac #34373: Implement multimajor index for permutations
85b5ab977f2 Trac #34372: Make is_integral_domain() have the same signature
e874714965a Trac #34371: support factoring polynomials modulo prime powers
8a12a20563e Trac #34370: Add examples to Schubert polynomials documentation
a313529389d Trac #33671: Add devcontainer.json for development with VS Code in a Docker container
8a41fd62faa Trac #32324: Lazy Taylor Series
ae8a36d1191 Trac #32887: update sagetex to version 3.6.1
a41531c2417 Trac #34355: avoid constructing list of all base-field elements in QuaternionAlgebra_ab.modp_splitting_data()
b56e1c9dbf8 Trac #34352: Add comma in vscode.json config file
ad0536886ec Trac #34343: Speed up computing outside corners of partition
420bbe2527b Trac #34341: Fix `bool(expr1 != expr2)` for nontrivially equal expressions
5114e87c4cb Trac #34339: Speedup adding horizontal and vertical border strips
efc1cd01a1a Trac #34330: bug in LaurentPolynomial_univariate.quo_rem
d23fe5dd391 Trac #34326: ConvexSet_base.representative_point, Polyhedron_base.an_affine_basis for unbounded polyhedra
5a0647fc2bf Trac #34308: use libgap for abelian subgroups
87ea5fb3524 Trac #34306: Better use of graphs in src/sage/geometry/hyperplane_arrangement/
9005c089e86 Trac #34303: Îlu algorithm: asymptotically faster elliptic-curve isogenies
4495944a9b7 Trac #34296: GH Actions: Upload wheels to PyPI
6b373e66d8d Trac #34292: Group algebra bug
42beee41cec Trac #34283: Prevent circular import of matrix space
cb618a34343 Trac #34281: defer primality and irreducibility testing in GF constructor until after caching
456c8fb7855 Trac #34261: Allow multiplication of a left and right noncommutative ideal
86ae68f849f Trac #34222: polymake: Upgrade to 4.7, remove deprecated Polymake_expect interface
cba438f7cac Trac #34219: Document that SageTeX is now in SAGE_ROOT/venv/share
0175f5a2c5c Trac #34186: Problem translating Fricas special function ellipticF to Sagemath
8f6d1ac645d Trac #33950: Add free and multigraded free resolutions with libSingular backend
894a2969311 Trac #23075: copy(CombinatorialFreeModule.Element) broken by #22632
163f7153798 Trac #33851: Script package _develop; improve installation instructions in the manual
fe976b3f0bb Trac #34301: Remove claims that Cygwin is supported
ea2758f6b1d Trac #34211: Fix bug due to a call to SSLContext() in src/sage/graphs/
e96e201a66b Trac #34188: provide hash for decorated permutations
6f0dbf92b17 Trac #34138: Groebner bases for exterior algebras native to Sage
8a4672c14dc Trac #34116: add exact division of power series by coefficient
75d9213d64e Trac #32992: update ninja_build to 1.11.0, make it standard, add lower version bound
1c178e0b7f2 Trac #32369: Rewrite Clifford and exterior algebras to have a basis indexed by integers
2c4005d2cab Trac #31276: Tensor Product Method for FiniteRankFreeModule
3091ae98ae8 Trac #30300: sage.tensor.modules.free_module_basis: Make Basis_abstract a subclass of AbstractFamily
3f624d59f31 Trac #30235: Add construction methods to FiniteRankFreeModule, CombinatorialFreeModule and Cartesian products
a4442412904 Trac #29717: Cubic Hecke Algebras
ee070f20cd4 Trac #34442: Set version upper bound for setuptools: <64.0
24a6ab4b654 Trac #34367:, installation guide: Mention cocalc Docker image instead of sagemath/sagemath image
0b2cecce13f Trac #34324: Fix deprecated import of instancedoc
758ce2c8bce Trac #30787: package modular_resolution: Split out from p_group_cohomology
a5bf7100496 Trac #34421: Fix timeout in jupyter_jsmol installation
bed45ffacc2 Trac #34360: curl configure --without-libmetalink no longer works
fb050b1204e Trac #34298: conda: 3d graphics do not show
20d7f182a25 Trac #34273: opensuse-tumbleweed: python3 build fails because of openssl
696bf78075d Trac #34270: .gitpod.yml: Do not hardcode the workspace name as sagetrac-mirror
5b7fc7e1d17 Trac #25675: Crosslinks to poset catalog, add documentation of sage.geometry.polyhedron.base* and combinatorial_polyhedron
4285f3c06e5 Trac #34295: Followup to #33627: fix documentation that mentions sage-gdb-commands
08b5040887f Trac #34294: SimplicialComplex: Add method is_subcomplex
9b5044a9347 Trac #34289: minor tweaks in the doc
75ae420b63b Trac #34288: some rst fixes in pyx files in coding, graphs and groups
2f94ddf09d3 Trac #34293: rubiks: Work around build failure with XCode
945c339e11b Trac #34291: Downgrade some optional packages to experimental in Sage 9.7
a965858a628 Trac #34157: Meta ticket: fix docstring markups
e9304778c6f Trac #34147: Implement the quantum Clifford algebra at a root of unity
75aaf289973 Trac #33596: PolyhedralComplex.plot(explosion_factor=1)
e9efc9c6349 Trac #33586: Triangulation.polyhedral_complex, boundary_simplicial_complex, boundary_polyhedral_complex
5247961337f Trac #34221: Backport PEP420 namespace package support from Cython 3
12be2d94c86 (tag: 9.7.beta8) Updated SageMath version to 9.7.beta8

John H Palmieri

Aug 31, 2022, 5:27:56 PM8/31/22
to sage-release
At the start of sagemath_doc_html-none.log, I see

.../sage-9.7.rc0/src/sage/functions/ DeprecationWarning: invalid escape sequence '\p'

G. M.-S.

Aug 31, 2022, 6:21:14 PM8/31/22
to sage-release

This is on an Apple Silicon Mac with Homebrew up to date (make and make pytest and  make ptestlong)
plus the tickets 
(priority blocker, positively reviewed).

Nothing new on macOS 11.6.8 (Big Sur) with Xcode 13.2.1:  make ptestlong gives the usual matrix_gf2e_dense.pyx error (see

Unable to test on macOS 12.5.1 (Monterey) for the moment.


Matthias Köppe

Sep 2, 2022, 1:08:30 AM9/2/22
to sage-release
On Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 6:15:10 PM UTC-7 Volker Braun wrote:
As always, you can get the latest beta version from the "develop" git branch. Alternatively, the self-contained source tarball is at

cae9ee5177a (HEAD -> develop, tag: 9.7.rc0, trac/develop) Updated SageMath version to 9.7.rc0

Thanks for preparing the rc. Tests have run on GH Actions at
There are no major problems. I've add the information regarding supported platforms at
3 tickets are marked as "blocker". I think after an rc1 that merges these tickets (includes the new documentation theme) we can have a release very soon.

Sep 7, 2022, 1:52:11 AM9/7/22
to sage-release
I just did a build from scratch using "make build", started Sage, and then "./sage -i dot2tex" and it seems to be rebuilding everything. Is this expected? I haven't explicitly tested this on previous beta versions, but this seems like a bug. I am a bit hesitant to try it out on other packages after this finishes...


John H Palmieri

Sep 7, 2022, 12:45:13 PM9/7/22
to sage-release
I just tried this, and I didn't see the same thing. After building `dot2tex`, it ran `./configure` and then rebuilt `sage-conf` and `sagelib`; the whole thing took about a minute.

Sep 10, 2022, 12:45:33 AM9/10/22
to sage-release
I just tried additionally installing gap_packages, and this seemed to be fine. I don't know what caused it to rebuild everything, but it seems to be fine/transient.


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