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William Stein

Jan 30, 2010, 4:44:21 PM1/30/10
to sage-release
Hi Minh,

I intend to release sage-4.3.2 next Saturday, since I'll have time
that day to putting out the release.
What are the current show-stopper blockers? Could you list them here,
and make sure somebody is working on each of them (or demote them to
not blockers). The one I know of is:

1. Make sure installation of the fortran spkg copies the relevant
libraries into SAGE_ROOT/local/lib/, since otherwise the binaries we
make are useless. [[I will fix this Sat morning or Friday, if
nobody else does before.]]

2. Some Solaris issue?

Is there anything else? There are currently 44 tickets with
positive review, so plenty of fodder for another alpha release.


William Stein
Associate Professor of Mathematics
University of Washington

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William Stein

Jan 30, 2010, 5:13:47 PM1/30/10
to sage-release
On Sat, Jan 30, 2010 at 2:06 PM, Minh Nguyen <> wrote:
> Hi William,
> On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 8:44 AM, William Stein <> wrote:
> <SNIP>
>>  2. Some Solaris issue?
> Ticket #7932 [1] is a complete show-stopper for building on Solaris.
> I'm still narrowing down which ticket would result in a fail build on
> t2.math. It could take weeks to resolve the build failure issue on
> t2.math, so one could move #7932 to the next milestone.
>> Is there anything else?
> Ticket #8049 (libgfortran *must* get shipped with the Sage binaries)
> [2] is a blocker, but given the timeframe until the upcoming Sage Days
> 20, it might not be resolved by then. It's not up for review yet.

That was the issue I just mentioned in my email above. It will
definitely get resolved for the next release, which I think should
happen next weekend. It's not like it's super hard -- just add a few
lines to spkg-install to copy over if possible. The
only tricky part is actually finding However, one can
just try to find it and if one can't, just issue an error and tell the
user to set SAGE_FORTRAN_LIB.

> One major blocker that could get into Sage 4.3.2 is #6503 (remove the
> pyprocessing spkg from Sage) [3]. Pyprocessing has shown itself to be
> more difficult to remove than initially thought. However, the good
> news is that John Palmieri has posted some patches awaiting review.
> SageTex [4] looks good for being in Sage 4.3.2. It took some time to
> resolve the dependency rules for build the SageTeX spkg. I have tested
> the updated dependency file and have built Sage 4.3.2.alpha0 with
> SageTeX as a standard package. The results look good so far.

I thought that SageTex has already been in Sage for a long time. So
is this mainly
about an upgrade?

>>   There are currently 44 tickets with
>> positive review, so plenty of fodder for another alpha release.

> Apart from the above tickets I listed, I think one could merge tickets
> strictly with bug fixes. The release timeframe of Saturday 06th
> February 2010 wouldn't be enough time for an alpha2. So a possible
> idea is:
> * Sage 4.3.2.alpha1: some updated packages, the above listed tickets if possible
> * Sage 4.3.2.rc0: strictly bug fixes
> Thoughts?

I like that!


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Harald Schilly

Jan 31, 2010, 5:55:00 AM1/31/10
to sage-release
On Jan 30, 11:21 pm, Minh Nguyen <> wrote:
> I think it's also about updating the files spkg/install and
> spkg/standard/deps to account for SageTeX now being a standard spkg. ...

Hi, I don't know how it is integrated, but from the beginning one of
my ideas was to have access to sagetex via a command line switch to
sage, i.e. "./sage -sagetex". Now that it is integrated, this could be
possible. Is there one? Or how it is called now?

just my 2 cents, H

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