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John Cremona

Jul 27, 2022, 2:14:30 PM7/27/22
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Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2022, 10:49
Subject: [sage-devel] Return "type" of the `logarithmic_embedding` function
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I am implementing the `logarithmic_embedding` function [0] (based on Krumm's code) for my GSoC project, which is used for implementing `points_of_bounded_height` function [1].

However, we encounter the following problem:

By definition (Def. 4.9.6, on page 208 of "A course in computational algebraic number theory"), the logarithmic embedding is a map from number field K to R^n. We are not sure how this function should return, and we consider two options:

1. The function returns a function closure, see examples in [2]

2. It returns a morphism, which is more mathematically correct:

V = VectorSpace(RR, 1)
K = CyclotomicField(3)
B = Hom(K, V, category=Sets())
phi = B(log_map)

Which one do you think is better from math and software engineering perspectives? Are there any other approaches that would be better for this case?

Thank you.


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