Unpublishing worksheets just changes the user

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Jason Grout

May 30, 2011, 1:43:02 PM5/30/11
to sage-notebook
Hi all,

We just had a situation in the MAA PREP workshop where a user did the

1. publish a worksheet

<a week passes>

2. unpublish the worksheet

3. the worksheet still is listed in the "Published" public page, but is
now owned by "pub" instead of by the original owner

4. as admin, I log in and see the worksheet in the listing of all
worksheets on the admin main page, but the worksheet is owned by a
different user (not pub and not the original user).

Does anyone know what is going on in steps 3 and 4, or at least an idea
of where I can look to understand this better? Can someone give a short
explanation of what happens (or should happen) when a worksheet is
published/unpublished? I'm not terribly familiar with what happens when
a worksheet is published/unpublished. It seems like this issue of an
owner changing to "pub" has come up before, but I've spent 1/2 hour
searching for it and can't find any mention of it.




Jun 1, 2011, 11:58:05 AM6/1/11
to sage-notebook
The owner did change to pub in the past, no matter who published it.
Perhaps the 'unpublishing' reverts to the previous behavior, as if no
one ever considered that option?
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