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Jun 17, 2021, 4:18:23 PM6/17/21
to sage-edu
I am planning to write code to Archive source materials, to Catalog them, and an app to review/drill topics in them which must be mastered and memorized.

A first-cut of the Design Goals and "databases" is available here:

This project is for my own benefit -- both from the coding and by its use when it is ready.

I am also motivated by a compelling desire to "fix" K-12 education in the US. How it is possible that students can spend 13 years in school and then graduate high school without really being able to read or do basic math puzzles and alarms me. So this is Step 2 after my previous projecet at github:

(The copyright encumbered illustrated version of that is popular but no one has ever said they liked the textual material. I read that the military is very interested in Flow states... so I am apparently at the trailing edge of state of the art...but brain-hacking is not a popular topic, I guess...)


It may be that someone else may see something of value, and I welcome feedback with the possible exception of "Don't do this, it has been done." And I do not want to copy anyone else's work. 

I am very open at this stage to corrections and enhancement ideas of the sort, "Well, feature XYZ and data element ABC are obviously required." Or even typos. Or participation. 

The one thing that is completely unsolved is what algorithm to use for maximum benefit from reinforcement learning. I have no idea what works best. Perhaps it depends mostly on the individual student and variations must be enabled.

Feel free to comment via Issues at github. Or email me at gmail id b252t11q. Or just punch in your feedback here.



Jun 19, 2021, 3:40:43 AM6/19/21
to sage-edu
I have uploaded a "proof of concept" to  

It has a "stub" review app which can be accessed either via Python directly
or via Python with SageMath -- the latter is required for access to Latex
formatting and display. 

Some rearrangement of the directory hierarchy was also performed.

There are "issues" with this:

1) The console/command window is a rough environment. It appears
that windowing technology, such as Tcl/Tk will be needed to make this
application presentable to non-programmers. 

2) Latex formatting is very problematic. I documented several problems
and spent several hours on it this afternoon. The biggest issue is simply
the energy expenditure: I cannot envision a student preparing notes
in Latex for subsequent review. A teacher could do that for the students,
but there is no way a student would have time to do that work. So, text
mode is the main alternative. Or, as a last resort, taking snapshots of
notes. Really, there would need to be an equation editor to make this
work with Latex or MathML. Typing in Latex commands by hand is
way too slow for this application. But, as my code shows, it does
work, even if it is slow and buggy.

So...? A good start. 

p a

Jun 20, 2021, 6:53:53 AM6/20/21
to sage-edu
I cannot see that repo, maybe it's not public?


Jun 21, 2021, 8:17:02 AM6/21/21
to sage-edu
Yes, I also cannot see it.  Also, are your goals perhaps already achieved by some other systems - perhaps WeBWorK or CoCalc or something else like an LMS?  Writing one of those from scratch is pretty hard. 
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