Interact broken in Jupyterlab

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Steffen Schuldenzucker

Nov 10, 2022, 1:35:47 PM11/10/22
to sage-devel
Hi! When running any `@interact` code in jupyterlab, I get a javascript error instead:

150.3e1e5adfd821b9b9…e5adfd821b9b96340:1 Error: Module @jupyter-widgets/base, version ^1.2.0 is not registered, however,         2.0.0 is
    at f.loadClass (134.bcbea9feb6e7c4da…6e7c4da7530:1:74977)
    at f.loadModelClass (150.3e1e5adfd821b9b9…821b9b96340:1:10729)
    at f._make_model (150.3e1e5adfd821b9b9…d821b9b96340:1:7517)
    at f.new_model (150.3e1e5adfd821b9b9…d821b9b96340:1:5137)
    at f.handle_comm_open (150.3e1e5adfd821b9b9…d821b9b96340:1:3894)
    at _handleCommOpen (134.bcbea9feb6e7c4da…6e7c4da7530:1:73393)
    at b._handleCommOpen (jlab_core.e37d4bbc8c…84154bc26:2:1001251)
    at async b._handleMessage (jlab_core.e37d4bbc8c…84154bc26:2:1003241)
loadModelClass    @    150.3e1e5adfd821b9b9…e5adfd821b9b96340:1

The same notebook works fine under Jupyter (instead of Jupyterlab).

System details:
- sage 9.7 compiled from source
- Ubuntu 22.04 running under WSL in Windows
- jupyterlab_widgets 3.0.3 installed via `sage -i jupyterlab_widgets`

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