ANN: Sage-Enhanced Linear Algebra Textbook

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Rob Beezer

Aug 3, 2011, 6:59:55 PM8/3/11
to sage-edu,
(Cross posted - just to intensify the "list condensation" discussion
on sage-devel.)

I may sound like a broken record, but my "add Sage to my linear
algebra textbook" project is now really in a final cleaned-up form.
I've moved distribution to the book web site, and will add the
material to my production script in the next couple weeks. Right now
there is a PDF of just new content (for the idly curious, or for
bedtime reading), plus a zip file of the entire book as Sage
worksheets with the new material present as code cells. Be sure to
read about a few caveats if you pick up the worksheet version.

By the Numbers:

~45 Sage patches
95 new subsections
279 "sageexample" environments
1330 outputs doctested
12.6 seconds for full doctesting

As any developer knows already, being able to doctest your work saves
you from many silly little misteaks.

A handful of patches remain to be reviewed and merged, see if you can help.

Similar project for Judson's abstract algebra textbook should be done
in a week or two.

After these associated stress-tests, I'll clean-up and document the
tool chain I've used to do this.


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