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Catherine Ray

Oct 6, 2021, 4:11:21 PMOct 6
to sage-devel
Dear Developer, 

I am attempting to install sage. I'm having issues with sqlite however, and, as recommended I have attached the logfiles /home/cer9938/sage-9.4/logs/pkgs/sqlite-3290000.log (which also contains the system specs), and /home/cer9938/sage-9.4/config.log. Please let me know if other information would be helpful, and how I may proceed. 

Thank you for your time, 


There was also this text around the end of the error message in after the "make" command, if it is of any help or relevant to the running of sqlite.

notice: the following SPKGs did not find equivalent system packages:

        appdirs arb boost_cropped brial cddlib cliquer cmake distlib ecl eclib ecm fflas_ffpack filelock flint flintqs fplll freetype gc gf2x gfan giac givaro glpk gmp gsl iml lcalc libatomic_ops libbraiding libgd libhomfly libpng lrcalc m4ri m4rie mpc mpfi mpfr nauty ntl openblas palp pari pari_galdata pari_seadata_small planarity ppl python3 r rw sqlite suitesparse symmetrica sympow tachyon tox virtualenv zeromq zlib zn_poly   _recommended cbc coxeter3 gp2c graphviz igraph isl libnauty libsemigroups lrslib ninja_build pandoc pari_elldata pari_galpol pari_nftables pari_seadata perl_cpan_polymake_prereq perl_mongodb
checking for the package system in use... fedora

    hint: installing the following system packages, if not
    already present, is recommended and may avoid having to
    build them (though some may have to be built anyway):

      $ sudo yum install  arb arb-devel boost-devel brial brial-devel cddlib cliquer cliquer-devel cmake ecl eclib eclib-devel gmp-ecm gmp-ecm-devel fflas-ffpack-devel flint flint-devel libfplll libfplll-devel gc gc-devel gf2x gf2x-devel gfan giac giac-devel givaro givaro-devel glpk glpk-devel glpk-utils gmp gmp-devel gsl gsl-devel iml iml-devel L-function-devel L-function libatomic_ops libatomic_ops-devel libbraiding gd gd-devel libhomfly-devel lrcalc-devel m4ri-devel m4rie-devel libmpc libmpc-devel mpfr-devel nauty ntl-devel openblas-devel palp pari-devel pari-gp --setopt=tsflags= pari-galdata pari-galpol pari-seadata pari-elldata pari-galdata planarity planarity-devel ppl ppl-devel python3-devel R R-devel rw-devel sqlite sqlite-devel suitesparse suitesparse-devel symmetrica-devel sympow tachyon tachyon-devel tox zeromq zeromq-devel zlib-devel zn_poly zn_poly-devel


    hint: installing the following system packages, if not
    already present, may provide additional optional features:

      $ sudo yum install  coin-or-Cbc coin-or-Cbc-devel coxeter coxeter-devel coxeter-tools graphviz igraph igraph-devel isl-devel libnauty-devel lrslib ninja-build pandoc pari-galpol pari-seadata perl-ExtUtils-Embed perl-File-Slurp perl-JSON perl-Term-ReadLine-Gnu perl-XML-Writer perl-XML-LibXML perl-XML-LibXSLT perl-MongoDB


    hint: After installation, re-run configure using:

      $ ./config.status --recheck && ./config.status


E. Madison Bray

Oct 6, 2021, 6:55:37 PMOct 6
to sage-devel

Did you try the "sudo yum install" command mentioned in the output, especially the first one (the really long one). Copy and paste that to install as many dependencies as possible from the system.

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Catherine Ray

Oct 6, 2021, 7:57:05 PMOct 6
to sage-devel
Unfortunately, I don't have root access on this computer. Is there a suggestion you have that doesn't require root access? 

Matthias Koeppe

Oct 6, 2021, 10:04:26 PMOct 6
to sage-devel
Build problems of this type are usually the result of clock skew on networked file systems.

It is possible that the problem will just go away if you type "make" another time.

Otherwise, here's a possible workaround:
Edit the file build/pkgs/sqlite/
and insert the following line around line 8:

rm -f */

After this change, run "make" another time.
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