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Martin R

May 6, 2024, 5:21:24 AMMay 6
to sage-devel
Dear all!

I thought it may make sense to have an easy way to find the names of all optional (i.e., keyword) arguments used in sage, ideally as a dictionary mapping names to the methods where they are used.

So, for example, one entry might be (schematically)

(' rank', [random_subspaces_matrix, BasisExchangeMatroid.__init__, Lfunction.find_zeros_via_N, mult_schubert, BasisMatroid.__init__, TrivialBundle, SheafLibrary.trivial_bundle])

I would find that useful to make informed decisions about how to name my keyword arguments.

Has anybody done this yet?

Note that there is a very short list of such "Common function keyword arguments" at

I realize that this is a bit of bikeshedding.  With what I have I found only few potential mergers (file and filename; vars and variables, verify and check), but quite a lot of  rather obscure names (infamous example:

Best wishes,


Matthias Koeppe

May 19, 2024, 10:44:05 PMMay 19
to sage-devel
I could imagine that such a reference would be valuable as an additional index to our reference manual. 

I would suggest to look into implementing it as a Sphinx extension (after checking whether something like this already exists).

Sage already uses a custom version of the Sphinx autodoc extension:
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