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David Joyner

Aug 4, 2021, 12:40:04 PM8/4/21
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On Wed, Aug 4, 2021 at 12:21 PM Maxime Bombar <> wrote:
Hello everyone,

My name is Maxime Bombar and I am a PhD student at INRIA Saclay, France.

Lately, I worked on rank-metric codes and there are some pieces of code
I'd like to add to Sage. This would be my first contribution to Sage (of
many more in the future I hope).

Rank metric codes have been introduced in Sage 9.2 last year, and I need
to adapt my code to Sage upstream codebase (I began working with Sage
9.0 and some things have already been included).

I began with something really easy and opened a trac ticket with the
implementation of a new channel made for the rank metric: #32330. As I
can see Sage development entered the release candidate phase for 9.4 I
tagged this to 9.5.

Patchbot failed in the first run because of bad block formatting, which
I corrected in a second commit.

However, now Patchbot fails on a test which seems completely independent
from this ticket:

sage -t --long --random-seed=0 src/sage/parallel/
    Timed out

and then a more explicit traceback

for more information).

Am I missing something here ?

By the way, what is the recommended way to check locally all the
requirements ? I am aware of sage -t, and I used a Python Linter to
check against PEP8, but I should have seen this block formatting issue.
Should I just build locally the patchbot ?

Also, there is a copyright block in the file src/sage/coding/
in which I included my new channel. I am not really familiar with IP
concerns. Should I create a new file instead and load it in ?

I'm not sure I can answer your question but the copyright block in
says "Copyright (C) 2015 David Lucas ...". Don't you want it to read "Copyright (c) 2021 Maxime Bombar ..."?



Maxime Bombar

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