Sage 4.6.2 released

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Jeroen Demeyer

Mar 4, 2011, 4:25:51 AM3/4/11
Sage 4.6.2 was released on 28 February 2011. It is available at

* About Sage (

Sage is developed by volunteers and combines over 90 open source packages.
It is available for download from and its mirrors in
source or binary form. If you have any questions and/or problems,
please report them to any of these Google groups:

* sage-support:
* sage-devel:

You can also drop by in #sage-devel on freenode. Please report build and
doctest results to the Google group

* sage-release:

The following 100 people contributed to this release. Of those, 25 made
their first contribution to Sage:

* Alain Filbois [first contribution]
* Alain Giorgetti [first contribution]
* Alexandre Blondin Massé
* Alexey U. Gudchenko [first contribution]
* Alex Ghitza
* Aly Deines
* André Apitzsch
* Andrey Novoseltsev
* Anna Haensch
* Benjamin Dexheimer [first contribution]
* Benjamin Jones
* Bill Hart
* Carlo Hamalainen
* Charlie Turner
* Christian Stump
* Chris Wuthrich
* Dan Drake
* Daniel Bump
* David Jao [first contribution]
* David Joyner
* David Kirkby
* David Loeffler
* David Roe
* Dmitrii Pasechnik
* Dominique Bernardi [first contribution]
* Dominique Poulalhon [first contribution]
* Emil Widmann [first contribution]
* Erin Beyerstedt
* Eviatar Bach
* Florent Hivert
* Francis Clarke
* François Bissey
* Franco Saliola
* Fredrik Stroemberg [first contribution]
* Gagan Sekhon
* Geoffrey Ehrman
* Ivan Andrus
* Jason Grout
* Jean-Pierre Flori
* Jeroen Demeyer
* Jim Stankewicz
* Joanna Gaski
* Johan Oudinet [first contribution]
* John Cremona
* John Palmieri
* John Perry
* John Thurber
* Jonathan Spreer [first contribution]
* Joris Vankerschaver
* Karl-Dieter Crisman
* Keshav Kini [first contribution]
* Koen van de Sande [first contribution]
* Kwankyu Lee
* Leif Leonhardy
* Leonardo Sampaio
* Luis Felipe Tabera Alonso
* Maarten Derickx
* Marco Streng
* Marina Gresham [first contribution]
* Mark Jordan
* Marshall Hampton
* Martin Albrecht
* Martin Allen [first contribution]
* Mate Soos [first contribution]
* Maxim Cournoyer [first contribution]
* Mike Hansen
* Minh Van Nguyen
* Moritz Minzlaff [first contribution]
* Nathann Cohen
* Nick Alexander
* Nicolas M. Thiéry
* Niles Johnson
* Oleksandr Motsak [first contribution]
* Olivier Guichard [first contribution]
* Pablo Angulo
* Paul Zimmermann
* Philipp Schneider [first contribution]
* Radoslav Kirov
* Richard B. Kreckel [first contribution]
* Rob Beezer
* Robert Bradshaw
* Robert Miller
* Robin Langer [first contribution]
* Ron Evans
* Ryan Grout
* Sebastian Pancratz
* Sébastien Labbé
* Simon King
* Simon Spicer
* Stefan Reiterer
* Tim Dumol
* Timo Jolivet
* Tom Boothby
* Tom Coates
* Volker Braun
* Willem Jan Palenstijn
* William Stein
* Wolfgang Steiner [first contribution]
* Yann Laigle-Chapuy
* Yann Ponty [first contribution]

* Release manager: Jeroen Demeyer.

* Doctesting coverage:

* Overall weighted coverage score: 84.8% (84.4% for 4.6.1)
* Total number of functions: 27200 (26816 for 4.6.1)

* We closed 221 tickets in this release. For details, see

Closed tickets:

#116: notebook doctest -- should be able to doctest a worksheet, so we
can distribute worksheets with SAGE [Reviewed by Willem Jan Palenstijn]
#5389: Creating a updated GAP workspace with -tp is racy [Reviewed by
Willem Jan Palenstijn]
#8216: Make David Perkinson's sandpile 2.2 module an experimental (at
least) package [Reviewed by David Kirkby]
#9641: Race condition with sage -tp [Reviewed by Willem Jan Palenstijn]
#9809: Graph.num_edges() gives wrong answer [Reviewed by Minh Van Nguyen]
#10425: Manage subdivisions when augmenting matrices [Reviewed by Rob
#8645: maxima package fails to install ECL library [Reviewed by
Karl-Dieter Crisman]
#9525: Installation of cvxopt will always report succesful, even if it
fails. [Reviewed by Karl-Dieter Crisman]
#6063: [fixed by #4000] x^2 for x over QQ is really frickin' slow
compared to over ZZ (nearly factor of 100!!) [Reviewed by David Loeffler]
#9620: conflicting branch cut conventions [Reviewed by Richard B. Kreckel]
#9897: pari-2.4.3.svn-12577 fails to build on itanium with gcc 4.5.1
[Reviewed by Jeroen Demeyer]
#10120: Errors building the PARI/GP spkg with GCC 4.4.1 (Fedora 11,
openSUSE 11.2) [Reviewed by Koen van de Sande]
#10472: Implement identity, transpose, adjoint as matrix properties
[Reviewed by Rob Beezer]
#10559: path to perl hardcoded in gphelp (GP/PARI) [Reviewed by Jeroen
#10663: Remove devel/sage/.hg/hgrc [Reviewed by Emil Widmann]
#8169: Volker Braun: include TOPCOM as optional spkg [Reviewed by
Marshall Hampton]
#8537: Stefan Reiterer: Update Open MPI package to latest - Sage version
is 3 years old! [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#9997: Tachyon does not even try to build on AIX [Reviewed by David Kirkby]
#10438: [duplicate] Calculate the character of a newform [Reviewed by
David Loeffler]
#10518: Nicolas M. Thiéry: Add dot2tex as optional spkg [Reviewed by
Pablo Angulo]
#10676: [duplicate] Bizarre results for genus of a singular curve
[Reviewed by David Loeffler]
#2429: block_matrix command should be consistent with the syntax of the
matrix command [Reviewed by Willem Jan Palenstijn]
#9379: ia64-Linux binary fails "devel/sage/sage/plot/plot3d/"
[Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#9414: make the rational number field consistent with other number
fields [Reviewed by Maarten Derickx]
#10439: Make dictionary input to vector constructor more robust
[Reviewed by Rob Beezer]
#3297: [with proto spkg, needs review, waiting on upstream] Make cddlib
produce a shared library [Reviewed by François Bissey]

Merged in sage-4.6.2.alpha0:

#7662: Nathann Cohen: Update is_chordal to return certificates [Reviewed
by Robert Miller]
#8395: Minh Van Nguyen: degree() reports the degree of a self-loop
vertex as contributing 1 to total degree [Reviewed by Robert Miller,
Minh Van Nguyen]
#8702: Florent Hivert: Datastructure for objects with prototype (clone)
design pattern. [Reviewed by Mike Hansen]
#8739: Alexandre Blondin Massé: Addition of Kolakoski word [Reviewed by
Nathann Cohen, Sébastien Labbé]
#8807: Simon King: Adding support for morphisms to the category
framework [Reviewed by John Cremona]
#8925: Florent Hivert: __call__ for categories sets / enumeratedsets
[Reviewed by Mike Hansen, Jason Grout]
#9055: Charlie Turner, David Joyner, Robert Miller, Andrey Novoseltsev:
Moving/cleaning enumeration functions for points on schemes [Reviewed by
Robert Miller, Andrey Novoseltsev]
#9074: Rob Beezer: Expand latex support for combinatorial graphs via
tkz-graph [Reviewed by John Palmieri]
#9459: Jeroen Demeyer: Implement a generic radical() function [Reviewed
by John Cremona]
#9672: Tom Boothby: Improve performance of Graph.genus [Reviewed by
Robert Miller]
#9702: Tom Boothby, Robert Miller: Matching polynomials for graphs
[Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#9747: Philipp Schneider: assigment to 1x1 submatrices specified by
slices fails [Reviewed by David Loeffler]
#9910: Nathann Cohen: Longest path [Reviewed by Robert Miller, Minh Van
#9941: Yann Laigle-Chapuy: faster multinomial_coefficients [Reviewed by
Francis Clarke]
#9972: Andrey Novoseltsev, Volker Braun: Add fan morphisms [Reviewed by
Volker Braun, Andrey Novoseltsev]
#10134: Sébastien Labbé: Provide the enumeration of word morphisms from
a range of integers [Reviewed by Alexandre Blondin Massé]
#10189: Rob Beezer: Additions to the ones matrix constructor [Reviewed
by Karl-Dieter Crisman, Robert Miller]
#10211: André Apitzsch: flint/long_extras.pxd add missing parameters
[Reviewed by Sebastian Pancratz]
#10265: Sébastien Labbé: Add palindrome defect word to the word
constructor [Reviewed by Alexandre Blondin Massé]
#10266: Sébastien Labbé: Add sum of digits method to the abstract word
class [Reviewed by Alexandre Blondin Massé]
#10267: Sébastien Labbé: Add a method that returns the balance level of
a finite word [Reviewed by Alexandre Blondin Massé]
#10297: John Cremona: Creating morphisms between projective varieties
fails [Reviewed by Andrey Novoseltsev]
#10307: Minh Van Nguyen: add Bidiakis cube graph to common graph
database [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#10310: Minh Van Nguyen: add Brinkmann graph to common graph database
[Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#10313: Minh Van Nguyen: add butterfly graph to common graph database
[Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#10315: Minh Van Nguyen: add friendship graph to common graph database
[Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#10316: Minh Van Nguyen: add Durer graph to common graph database
[Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#10318: John Cremona: Change CompositConstructionFunctor to
CompositeConstructionFunctor [Reviewed by David Kirkby]
#10321: Minh Van Nguyen: add Errera graph to common graph database
[Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#10322: Minh Van Nguyen: add Franklin graph to common graphs database
[Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#10325: Volker Braun: Cohomology Ring of toric varieties not unique
[Reviewed by Andrey Novoseltsev]
#10329: Minh Van Nguyen: add Goldner-Harary graph to common graphs
database [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#10330: Minh Van Nguyen: improve docstring and doctests for Grötzsch
graph [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#10337: Minh Van Nguyen: add Herschel graph to the common graphs
database [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#10338: Minh Van Nguyen: add Moser spindle to the common graphs database
[Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#10346: Joris Vankerschaver: Inconsistency in computing right
eigenvectors of matrices over the symbolic ring [Reviewed by Rob Beezer]
#10363: Robert Miller: Implement a.ord(p) for QQ and number fields
[Reviewed by John Cremona]
#10364: Rob Beezer: Vector constructor improvements [Reviewed by Andrey
#10424: Rob Beezer: Expand matrix augment'ing to allow vectors as input
[Reviewed by Joris Vankerschaver]
#10484: David Loeffler: Chinese remainder code raises an error when
called with Python ints [Reviewed by Robert Bradshaw, Mike Hansen]
#10486: Jeroen Demeyer: Conversion List -> PARI finite field extension
element disregards characteristic [Reviewed by John Cremona]
#10488: Minh Van Nguyen: clean-up module headers to follow guidelines in
Developer's Guide [Reviewed by Andrey Novoseltsev]

Merged in sage-4.6.2.alpha1:

#5281: David Kirkby, Marshall Hampton, Volker Braun: Update tachyon to
Version 0.98.9 (latest upstream) [Reviewed by David Kirkby, Marshall
Hampton, Volker Braun, Leif Leonhardy]
#5945: Tom Boothby, Sebastian Pancratz: fastify factorization of
inferior integers with flint [Reviewed by André Apitzsch, Jeroen Demeyer]
#7644: Niles Johnson: generic power series reversion [Reviewed by
Francis Clarke]
#8355: Aly Deines, Robert Bradshaw: Fix hsv_to_rgb to take all 3
arguments [Reviewed by Willem Jan Palenstijn]
#8597: Ryan Grout: point(vector((2,3,4))) is broken [Reviewed by Aly
Deines, John Thurber]
#8894: Nathann Cohen: topological minor [Reviewed by Leonardo Sampaio]
#8997: Moritz Minzlaff: riemann_roch_basis is implemented incorrectly in
sage [Reviewed by David Joyner, Oleksandr Motsak]
#9063: Luis Felipe Tabera Alonso: wrong type for denominator [Reviewed
by John Cremona, Aly Deines]
#9124: John Palmieri: h-vectors for simplicial complexes [Reviewed by
Marshall Hampton]
#9332: Jim Stankewicz, Erin Beyerstedt, Anna Haensch, Robert Miller,
David Loeffler: S_class_group() should return a group [Reviewed by John
#9363: Willem Jan Palenstijn: load bug when last line of file begins
with # [Reviewed by Aly Deines]
#9369: William Stein: make verbose command flush its output [Reviewed by
Robert Miller]
#9390: Francis Clarke: is_galois_relative() not always right [Reviewed
by Marco Streng]
#9481: Niles Johnson, Jeroen Demeyer: random_element fails for power
series over real field, has inaccurate docstring [Reviewed by Aly Deines]
#9498: William Stein: The function _factor_over_nonprime_finite_field is
wrong in Sage, so remove it [Reviewed by David Loeffler]
#9546: Nathann Cohen, Geoffrey Ehrman: bounded outdegree orientation
[Reviewed by Robert Miller]
#9846: André Apitzsch: misspelled word in parallel help function info
[Reviewed by Aly Deines]
#9911: Nathann Cohen, Geoffrey Ehrman: Changing the LP formulation of
feedback vertex/arc set to improve the speed [Reviewed by Robert Miller]
#9942: John Palmieri: Fix CHomP-related doctest errors [Reviewed by
Marshall Hampton]
#10003: Marshall Hampton: Make a textarea input for interact [Reviewed
by Rob Beezer]
#10314: David Roe: speed up comparison of Integers and native Python
numeric types [Reviewed by Aly Deines]
#10368: Benjamin Jones: spherical coordinates should allow specifying an
'elevation' angle as an alternative to the 'inclination' angle [Reviewed
by Jason Grout]
#10433: Minh Van Nguyen: clean up the code for Kruskal's algorithm
[Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#10443: David Loeffler: Improvements to ideallog [Reviewed by David Roe]
#10462: Sébastien Labbé: Bring doc coverage of
sage/groups/matrix_gps/ to 100% [Reviewed by David Loeffler]
#10463: Sébastien Labbé: Bring doc coverage of sage/matrix/strassen.pyx
to 100% [Reviewed by David Loeffler]
#10467: Simon King: Improve lookup of private attributes [Reviewed by
Robert Bradshaw]
#10468: Simon King: Cache of infinite polynomial rings is broken
[Reviewed by Mike Hansen]
#10475: Simon King: Calling a polynomial over finite non-prime field
with named arguments [Reviewed by David Roe, Aly Deines]
#10478: Dan Drake: line() does not accept iterators [Reviewed by Robert
#10479: Andrey Novoseltsev: Nef-partitions rewrite [Reviewed by Volker
#10481: Maarten Derickx: errors should be raised not returned in
is_integral_domain() [Reviewed by Robert Bradshaw, Gagan Sekhon]
#10490: Minh Van Nguyen: toggling a weighted graph to be unweighted
[Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#10496: Simon King: The default call method of maps does not do as
promised by the documentation [Reviewed by David Roe]
#10499: Alexey U. Gudchenko: magma_free interface is broken [Reviewed by
Aly Deines]
#10516: Robert Miller: Edge labeled isomorphism of graphs chokes on
"certify=True" [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#10523: David Jao: Make Weil pairing polynomial time [Reviewed by Aly
#10547: Eviatar Bach: DeBruijn digraph fixes [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#10573: Radoslav Kirov: notebook search tries to open a file which might
not be created yet [Reviewed by John Thurber]
#10588: Ryan Grout: Upgrade to matplotlib 1.0.1 [Reviewed by Jason
Grout, Dan Drake]
#10609: Willem Jan Palenstijn: tachyon fails with .ac in hostname
[Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#10612: John Thurber: fix documentation error in
constructions/graph_theory [Reviewed by Geoffrey Ehrman]
#10614: Jeroen Demeyer: Increase maximum startuptime [Reviewed by Volker

Merged in sage-4.6.2.alpha2:

#727: Nick Alexander, Marco Streng: find rational points on plane conic
curves [Reviewed by David Loeffler]
#5618: Simon King: Cyclotomic field elements are not converted to Gap
correctly [Reviewed by Luis Felipe Tabera Alonso]
#7981: Jason Grout, Andrey Novoseltsev: animate ignores options to show
that are passed up from the plot command [Reviewed by Tim Dumol,
Marshall Hampton, Karl-Dieter Crisman]
#8611: Jason Grout, Simon King: speed up cached_function and
cached_method [Reviewed by David Loeffler]
#8632: Andrey Novoseltsev: .save ignores ymin etc. [Reviewed by
Karl-Dieter Crisman]
#8716: David Loeffler: Modular forms of level GammaH [Reviewed by Robert
#9032: Gagan Sekhon: no method numerical_approx for integers and
rationals [Reviewed by Aly Deines, Willem Jan Palenstijn, Joanna Gaski]
#9227: Martin Allen: units.length.millimeter missing [Reviewed by Simon
#9228: John Cremona: Bring doctests for interfaces/ up to 100%
(from 20% (2 of 10) ) [Reviewed by Aly Deines, Jeroen Demeyer]
#9423: Simon King: Gap interface for number fields [Reviewed by Luis
Felipe Tabera Alonso]
#10244: Marshall Hampton: legends don't save correctly [Reviewed by
Karl-Dieter Crisman]
#10279: Jeroen Demeyer: Bug in factor of polynomials over number fields
[Reviewed by Luis Felipe Tabera Alonso]
#10336: Andrey Novoseltsev: Cannot plot non-strictly convex cones
[Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#10355: Niles Johnson, Andrey Novoseltsev: containment for multivariate
polynomial rings [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#10369: Jeroen Demeyer: Yet another bug in factorization over number
fields [Reviewed by Luis Felipe Tabera Alonso]
#10430: Jeroen Demeyer: Add some bugfixes to the PARI package [Reviewed
by Leif Leonhardy, Volker Braun]
#10473: Kwankyu Lee: Wrong docs of _lmul_ and _rmul_ in the polynomial
module [Reviewed by Aly Deines]
#10498: Andrey Novoseltsev: fix inject_coefficients for toric varieties
[Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#10506: Ron Evans, John Cremona: efficient counting of cusps for the
principal congruence subgroup Gamma(n) [Reviewed by Ron Evans]
#10525: Volker Braun: move algebraic subschemes of toric varieties to
their rightful places [Reviewed by Andrey Novoseltsev]
#10560: Eviatar Bach: Spelling errors in [Reviewed by
André Apitzsch]
#10590: John Cremona: Saturation of elliptic curve points can cause an
infinite loop [Reviewed by Robert Miller]
#10600: Martin Albrecht: fix bug in eliminate_linear_variables() +
return reductors used [Reviewed by Mate Soos]
#10625: David Loeffler: inverse_mod for integer ring won't take an ideal
as argument [Reviewed by Rob Beezer]
#10640: Alain Giorgetti: Non interactive example in documentation of
sage.combinat.cartesian_product.CartesianProduct(*iters) [Reviewed by
Dominique Poulalhon]
#10643: Olivier Guichard: Composition.fatter() method documentation -
incorrect font [Reviewed by Johan Oudinet]
#10646: Wolfgang Steiner: Doc typos correction [Reviewed by David Loeffler]
#10647: Dominique Bernardi: Example unrecognized as such in
FiniteCombinatorialClass.keys() [Reviewed by David Loeffler]
#10648: Jonathan Spreer: fix documentation
in/doc/live/reference/sage/plot/plot3d/base.html [Reviewed by David
#10664: Fredrik Stroemberg: bug in old_subspace of hecke module in some
edge cases [Reviewed by William Stein]

Merged in sage-4.6.2.alpha3:

#4492: Willem Jan Palenstijn: block_matrix reacts inconsistently with 0
[Reviewed by Aly Deines, Rob Beezer]
#7458: Carlo Hamalainen, Luis Felipe Tabera Alonso: Sylvester matrix for
polynomials [Reviewed by David Loeffler]
#7524: Karl-Dieter Crisman: frame axes are lost when saving a graphic to
a file [Reviewed by Andrey Novoseltsev]
#8442: Daniel Bump: Lie Methods and Related Combinatorics (tutorial)
[Reviewed by Minh Van Nguyen, Mark Jordan, Dmitrii Pasechnik]
#8456: Robert Bradshaw: lazy import improvements [Reviewed by Luis
Felipe Tabera Alonso]
#8948: Jason Grout, Rob Beezer: add thin space between vector entries
[Reviewed by Rob Beezer, Andrey Novoseltsev]
#9437: David Loeffler: special linear group over finite rings [Reviewed
by John Cremona]
#9599: Simon King, John Perry, Martin Albrecht: re-merge #1396 and
insure that Sage starts + passes doc tests on t2.math [Reviewed by
Martin Albrecht]
#9646: Chris Wuthrich: Incorrect calculation of elliptic curve formal
group law [Reviewed by David Loeffler]
#9791: Stefan Reiterer, Jeroen Demeyer: Fix documentation for weave in
the "numerical_sage" document [Reviewed by André Apitzsch]
#9918: Volker Braun: triangulate point configurations [Reviewed by
Marshall Hampton]
#9923: Nathann Cohen: Minimum Feedback Arc/Vertex set through constraint
generation [Reviewed by Robert Miller]
#10143: Karl-Dieter Crisman: Bring 2D plotting up to 100% doctest
coverage (except [Reviewed by Minh Van Nguyen, Geoffrey Ehrman]
#10173: Willem Jan Palenstijn: asking if polynomial element in list
gives error [Reviewed by Geoffrey Ehrman]
#10222: Francis Clarke: Bernoulli polynomial problem [Reviewed by David
#10251: Joris Vankerschaver: Bessel functions of real argument have
small imaginary component when scipy is used [Reviewed by Simon Spicer]
#10331: Martin Albrecht: degree of semi-regularity [Reviewed by Marshall
#10341: Martin Albrecht, Nathann Cohen: make MIP backend interface more
Python-ic [Reviewed by Martin Albrecht, Nathann Cohen]
#10432: Nathann Cohen: is_directed_acyclic is Cython (--> without
NetworX) and its certificates [Reviewed by Robert Miller]
#10435: Robert Miller: Invalid write in bitsets [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#10449: André Apitzsch: DeprecationWarning for popen3 in ECM [Reviewed
by Robert Bradshaw]
#10450: David Loeffler: Problem computing Hecke matrices on subspaces of
modular forms spaces [Reviewed by Alex Ghitza]
#10454: Rob Beezer: Add .is_singular method to matrices [Reviewed by
Robert Bradshaw]
#10457: Marina Gresham, Aly Deines, Gagan Sekhon: Hyperelliptic curve
Cartier matrix and Hasse-Witt matrix [Reviewed by Aly Deines]
#10471: Rob Beezer: Add the conjugate-transpose of a matrix, by that
name [Reviewed by Robert Bradshaw]
#10500: Rob Beezer: Documentation clean-up for linear combinations of
matrix rows/columns [Reviewed by Aly Deines]
#10515: Christian Stump, Aly Deines: Removed bug in MatrixGroup.list()
[Reviewed by Gagan Sekhon]
#10526: Ryan Grout: plot option gridlines='minor' broken [Reviewed by
Geoffrey Ehrman, Marshall Hampton]
#10535: Rob Beezer, Jason Grout: A column-oriented matrix constructor
[Reviewed by Dan Drake]
#10537: Rob Beezer: Fix dictionary input to sparse vector constructor
[Reviewed by Dmitrii Pasechnik]
#10564: Jean-Pierre Flori: bug in symbolic sums [Reviewed by André Apitzsch]
#10578: Willem Jan Palenstijn: Coercion problem for vectors from
polynomial rings over GF(2) [Reviewed by Dmitrii Pasechnik]
#10579: Willem Jan Palenstijn: echelon_form docstring claims result not
cached [Reviewed by Aly Deines]
#10593: André Apitzsch: Replace __getslice__ with functionality in
__getitem__ in ContinuedFraction [Reviewed by Robert Bradshaw]
#10610: Willem Jan Palenstijn: tachyon block=False doesn't work
[Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#10626: Rob Beezer: Route sparse integer matrices to a working Smith
form [Reviewed by David Loeffler]
#10627: Ivan Andrus: add options for printing matrices [Reviewed by Rob
#10641: Johan Oudinet: fix documentation in
sage.misc.package.install_all_optional_packages [Reviewed by Gagan Sekhon]
#10644: Yann Ponty: examples in Common Graphs doc not interpreted
[Reviewed by Gagan Sekhon]
#10650: Robin Langer: documentation bug in the class
sage.calculus.riemann.ColorPlot [Reviewed by Gagan Sekhon]
#10681: Volker Braun: Tachyon on 32-bit OSX still sets CC=cc [Reviewed
by John Palmieri, Jeroen Demeyer]
#10686: Alex Ghitza: speed up computation of T_p in characteristic p
[Reviewed by David Loeffler]
#10695: Jeroen Demeyer: Use execv() instead of in
sage-run [Reviewed by Willem Jan Palenstijn]
#10697: Minh Van Nguyen: documentation bug in linear programming
tutorial [Reviewed by Robert Bradshaw]

Merged in sage-4.6.2.alpha4:

#7931: David Roe: Improved nth root for finite fields and integer_mods
[Reviewed by Paul Zimmermann, David Loeffler, Bill Hart]
#8721: David Loeffler: Residue fields for relative number fields broken
(again) [Reviewed by Marco Streng]
#9614: Dan Drake: "-sdist" should complain or fail when run in a
"-bdist" copy of Sage [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#9713: Volker Braun: Add toric Chow group [Reviewed by Andrey
Novoseltsev, Simon King, Jeroen Demeyer]
#9955: André Apitzsch: Rational(3)%Rational(-1) fails [Reviewed by John
#10028: André Apitzsch: inconsistent error messages for inverting
singular matrices [Reviewed by Rob Beezer]
#10351: Jeroen Demeyer: Fix the way sage/misc/ reads
doc/common/ [Reviewed by Mike Hansen, Volker Braun]
#10440: Dan Drake: preparser does not correctly identify encoding lines
[Reviewed by Volker Braun, Maxim Cournoyer]
#10452: David Loeffler: Weird behaviour with cusps [Reviewed by Alex Ghitza]
#10541: Rob Beezer: Conversions of vectors to matrices [Reviewed by
Volker Braun, Marco Streng]
#10543: Rob Beezer: Echelon form over QQ is mutable [Reviewed by Tom Coates]
#10571: Martin Albrecht: print protocol of Groebner basis computations
via Singular and Magma [Reviewed by Marshall Hampton]
#10582: Willem Jan Palenstijn: stein-watkins table iteration [Reviewed
by Gagan Sekhon]
#10604: Rob Beezer, Dan Drake: Rewrite diagonal matrix constructor
[Reviewed by Dan Drake, Rob Beezer]
#10649: Geoffrey Ehrman: Typo in the documentation of
"graphs/generic_graph.html", method "is_interval" [Reviewed by Nathann
#10659: Simon King: Improve performance of matrix group morphisms
[Reviewed by Robert Bradshaw]
#10661: Andrey Novoseltsev: Origin in non-full-dimensional polytopes
[Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#10685: Rob Beezer: All subgroups of a permutation group [Reviewed by
Dmitrii Pasechnik]
#10699: Timo Jolivet, Sébastien Labbé: Misc improvements to the code of
sage/combinat/ [Reviewed by Sébastien Labbé, Timo Jolivet]
#10702: Marco Streng: Add patchbot to the developers guide [Reviewed by
André Apitzsch]
#10710: William Stein, Alex Ghitza: doc fixes for modular symbols
[Reviewed by David Loeffler]
#10721: Jeroen Demeyer: Increase LaTeX POOL_SIZE [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#10722: Rob Beezer: All cosets of a permutation group [Reviewed by
Dmitrii Pasechnik]
#10731: Volker Braun: IndexError in toric sheaf cohomology [Reviewed by
Andrey Novoseltsev]

Merged in sage-4.6.2.rc0:

#7570: Ryan Grout: Make plot methods accept 'empty' input to return
empty Graphics object [Reviewed by Aly Deines, Gagan Sekhon]
#9796: Rob Beezer: Add a "diagonal" method for matrices [Reviewed by Tom
#10301: Ryan Grout, Alain Filbois: load does not recognize https urls
[Reviewed by Jason Grout]
#10487: Jeroen Demeyer: Clean up doctests in
sage/rings/finite_rings/ [Reviewed by Gagan Sekhon]
#10654: Geoffrey Ehrman: Replace ".. rubric:" with ".. rubric::" in a
few files [Reviewed by François Bissey]
#10706: Sébastien Labbé: A doctest of word morphism is saving an object
locally [Reviewed by Benjamin Dexheimer]
#10714: Rob Beezer: Rows of a zero-row sparse matrix are incorrect
[Reviewed by Jason Grout]
#10739: Volker Braun: Singular fails to build on OSX with 64bit kernel
[Reviewed by Franco Saliola]

Merged in sage-4.6.2.rc1:

#10712: Jeroen Demeyer: Mark doctests # long time [Reviewed by Rob Beezer]
#10782: Keshav Kini: update docs with info on mercurial rebase extension
[Reviewed by Dmitrii Pasechnik]
#10816: Volker Braun: Subscheme creation does not work from the notebook
[Reviewed by Jeroen Demeyer]
#10842: Jeroen Demeyer: Increase timeouts in sage/tests/
[Reviewed by Volker Braun]

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