Sage 6.3 released

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Harald Schilly

Aug 14, 2014, 7:28:27 AM8/14/14
Sage 6.3 was released on 10 August 2014. It is available in
source and binary form from:


Sage ( is developed by volunteers and combines
over 90 open source packages. For instructions about installing Sage, see


The following page lists the platforms on which Sage should work:


If you have any questions and/or problems, please report them to any of
these Google groups:

  * sage-support:
  * sage-devel:

You can also drop by in #sagemath on freenode or post your questions

The following 130 people contributed to this release. Of those, 27 made
their first contribution to Sage:

  - Adrien Boussicault [first contribution]
  - Aladin Virmaux
  - Alex Ghitza
  - Aly Deines
  - André Apitzsch
  - Andrew Gainer-Dewar
  - Andrey Novoseltsev
  - Anna Haensch
  - Anne Schilling
  - Ares Ribó [first contribution]
  - Ben Hutz
  - Ben  Hutz [first contribution]
  - Ben LeVeque [first contribution]
  - Bernhard Bloechl [first contribution]
  - Bogdan Ion [first contribution]
  - Bradly Schlenker [first contribution]
  - Brett Stevens
  - Brice Onfroy [first contribution]
  - Bruno Grenet [first contribution]
  - Charles Bouillaguet
  - Christian Nassau
  - Christian Stump
  - Christoph Lauter [first contribution]
  - Clemens Heuberger
  - Dan Bump
  - Daniel Bump
  - Daniel Krenn
  - Darij Grinberg
  - David Coudert
  - David Krumm
  - David Roe
  - Dillon Rose
  - Dima Pasechnik
  - Dmitrii Pasechnik
  - Emmanuel Charpentier
  - Erik Massop
  - Eviatar Bach
  - Federico Poloni
  - Florent Hivert
  - Francis Clarke
  - François Bissey
  - Frederic Chapoton
  - Frédéric Chapoton
  - Fredrik Johansson
  - Hao Chen [first contribution]
  - Ingólfur Eðvarðsson [first contribution]
  - Ivan Andrus
  - James Campbell [first contribution]
  - Jan Keitel
  - Jason Grout
  - Jayant Apte
  - Jean-Baptiste Priez
  - Jean-Philippe Labbé
  - Jean-Pierre Flori
  - Jennet Dickinson [first contribution]
  - Jernej Azarija
  - Jeroen Demeyer
  - Jim Stark
  - Joao Alberto de Faria
  - Johan Bosman
  - John Cremona
  - John Doyle [first contribution]
  - John Palmieri
  - Jonas Jermann [first contribution]
  - Jonathan Bober
  - Jordi Saludes [first contribution]
  - Julian Rueth
  - Julian Rüth
  - Kannappan Sampath
  - Karl-Dieter Crisman
  - Leif Leonhardy
  - Luis Felipe Tabera Alonso
  - Luis Felipe Tabera  Alonso [first contribution]
  - Marc Mezzarobba
  - Marco Streng
  - Mark Shimozono
  - Martin Albrecht
  - Martin Raum
  - Martin von Gagern
  - Mathieu Guay-Paquet
  - Matthieu Dien
  - Michael Orlitzky
  - Miguel Marco
  - Mike Zabrocki
  - Minh Van Nguyen
  - Nathan Cohen [first contribution]
  - Nathan Dunfield
  - ​Nathann Cohen [first contribution]
  - Nathann Cohen
  - Nicolas M. Thiery
  - Nicolas M. Thiéry
  - Niles Johnson
  - Nils Bruin
  - Paul Scurek
  - Paul Zimmermann
  - Pedro Cruz [first contribution]
  - Peter Bruin
  - Peter Müller
  - Punarbasu Purkayastha
  - Ralf Hemmecke
  - Ralf Stephan
  - R. Andrew Ohana
  - Robert Bradshaw
  - Robert Harron
  - Robert Lipshitz
  - Roberto Panai [first contribution]
  - Samuel Gonshaw
  - Santiago Vila [first contribution]
  - Sara Kropf
  - Sébastien Besnier [first contribution]
  - Sébastien Labbé
  - Simon King
  - Snark [first contribution]
  - Soli Vishkautsan [first contribution]
  - Stefan van Zwam
  - Steven Trogdon
  - Taylor Dupuy
  - Thierry Monteil
  - Timo Kluck
  - Tom Boothby
  - Tom Denton
  - Tomer Bauer
  - Travis Scrimshaw
  - Vince Knight [first contribution]
  - Vincent Delecroix
  - Viviane Pons
  - Volker Braun
  - Wilfried Luebbe
  - William Stein
  - Yann Laigle-Chapuy

* Release manager: Volker Braun.

* We closed 400 tickets in this release. For details, see

Merged in sage-6.3.beta0:

#2686: Nathann Cohen: graph generators - new additions [Reviewed by Frédéric Chapoton]
#7085: Peter Bruin: fix this laurent series coercion bug [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw]
#9885: Nils Bruin, Marc Mezzarobba: slow coercion from integer mod ring to integer ring [Reviewed by Marc Mezzarobba, Nils Bruin, Peter Bruin]
#11669: William Stein: optimize quaternion algebra elements a bit, in some obvious ways [Reviewed by R. Andrew Ohana]
#11670: Julian Rueth: fix number fields being unique parents -- this got broken over the years [Reviewed by Simon King, Peter Bruin]
#12630: Jim Stark, Simon King, Mathieu Guay-Paquet, Aladin Virmaux: Add representations of quivers and quiver algebras to sage [Reviewed by Simon King, Travis Scrimshaw]
#12867: Nathann Cohen: random_element for Words is broken [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#14996: Eviatar Bach: Improve support for Jacobi elliptic functions [Reviewed by Ralf Stephan, Travis Scrimshaw]
#15059: Darij Grinberg: Morphisms cannot be applied to too-simple elements of a multivariate power series ring [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#15061: Robert Harron, Peter Bruin: PARI and Singular can't handle all polynomial resultants [Reviewed by Martin von Gagern]
#15310: Nathann Cohen: Wilson's construction of Transversal Designs/Orthogonal Arrays/MOLS [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#15646: Jean-Pierre Flori: Move from elliptic_curves to hyperelliptic_curves [Reviewed by Frédéric Chapoton]
#15901: John Palmieri: git-related doctest failures after moving sage installation [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#15919: Nicolas M. Thiéry: unrank via R[i] conflicts with notation for constructing polynomial rings in CartesianProduct [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw]
#16005: Nathann Cohen: Waste of time in iterator_edges 2 [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16051: Ben Hutz: fast_callable can return ipow with exponents in the base ring [Reviewed by Dillon Rose]
#16091: Nathann Cohen: A missing obvious case for BIBD [Reviewed by Kannappan Sampath]
#16129: Julian Rüth: Improve caching in EllipticCurve_generic [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#16143: Clemens Heuberger, Daniel Krenn, Sara Kropf: finite_state_machine: Add an example on the Gray code into the documentation [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn, Sara Kropf]
#16145: Clemens Heuberger, Sara Kropf: FiniteStateMachine.asymptotic_moments: New method [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn]
#16168: Dillon Rose: use p_iter_fork in projective_morphism [Reviewed by Ben Hutz]
#16206: Daniel Krenn: FSMProcessIterator deals with fsm_word_out [Reviewed by Clemens Heuberger]
#16207: Clemens Heuberger: FiniteStateMachine._latex_: more options, better documentation [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn]
#16227: Nathann Cohen: Product construction of Transversal Designs [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16229: Clemens Heuberger: FiniteStateMachine._latex_ and latex_options: customize loop position [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn]
#16231: Nathann Cohen: Equivalence between OA/TD/MOLS [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16240: Ralf Stephan: regression in partial_fraction_decomposition() [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#16254: Sara Kropf, Clemens Heuberger: FiniteStateMachine: final_word_out: more implementations [Reviewed by Clemens Heuberger, Daniel Krenn]
#16269: Nathann Cohen, Nicolas M. Thiéry: Cartesian Products of additive groups [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen, Nicolas M. Thiéry]
#16275: Nicolas M. Thiéry, Simon King: Hom: introduce a check argument to simplify the unpickling detection logic [Reviewed by Simon King, Nicolas M. Thiéry]
#16280: Nicolas M. Thiéry: Fix call for FiniteEnumeratedSet's of plain Python objects [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16281: Vincent Delecroix: redesign projective plane [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16282: Martin Albrecht: magma(P) for multivariate polynomial rings [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#16288: Nicolas M. Thiéry: Optimize sage.sets.cartesian_product.CartesianProduct._cartesian_product_of_elements [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16289: Nicolas M. Thiéry: Fix ZZ.cartesian_product(...) [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16305: Peter Bruin: sage-env must wait longer before setting MPLCONFIGDIR [Reviewed by Leif Leonhardy]

Merged in sage-6.3.beta1:

#6637: Sébastien Labbé: standardize the interface to TransitiveIdeal and friends [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw]
#11475: R. Andrew Ohana: improve prime_pi (speedup + small fixes) [Reviewed by Yann Laigle-Chapuy, Leif Leonhardy, William Stein, Karl-Dieter Crisman]
#11719: Tom Boothby, Ralf Stephan: Add is_monomial() to power series and laurent series ring elements [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#13445: Alex Ghitza: Cuspidal subspace of modular forms over finite field contains forms that are not cuspidal [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#13525: Samuel Gonshaw, Jan Keitel: PALP Normal Form [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#15018: Paul Scurek: add recover_formula and prefix_to_infix functions to [Reviewed by Frédéric Chapoton, Travis Scrimshaw]
#15036: Nils Bruin: Speed up matrix repr for matrices larger than 20 [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw, Nathann Cohen]
#15099: Eviatar Bach: Implement numeric evaluation of zetaderiv [Reviewed by Ralf Stephan]
#15704: Nathann Cohen: Stupid waste of time in graphs 1 [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#15780: Dillon Rose: Increase Performance in Projective Morphism [Reviewed by Ben Hutz]
#15896: Frédéric Chapoton: integration of polynomials in several variables is buggy [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#15897: Julian Rueth: UniqueFactory for QuaternionAlgebras [Reviewed by David Roe, Peter Bruin]
#15970: Alex Ghitza: j_invariant_qexp won't allow substitution [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#16211: Kannappan Sampath: Implement Hadamard 3-Designs [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16235: Nathann Cohen, Vincent Delecroix: A pair of orthogonal latin squares of order 10 [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix, Nathann Cohen]
#16236: Nathann Cohen: Five mutually orthogonal latin squares of order 12 [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16237: Kannappan Sampath: IncidenceStructureFromMatrix bug [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16241: Nathann Cohen: New MOLS shared by Ian Wanless [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16244: Nicolas M. Thiéry: Simplify TestSuite's some_elements role and logic (no random sampling) [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw]
#16248: Nathann Cohen: Some trivial Orthogonal Arrays (when n=1) [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16251: Julian Rueth: Polynomials with unhashable coefficients should be unhashable [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#16253: Sara Kropf: FiniteStateMachine: Introduce final_word_out [Reviewed by Clemens Heuberger, Daniel Krenn]
#16257: Nathann Cohen: Unnatural syntax of G.relabel() [Reviewed by Pedro Cruz]
#16265: Sara Kropf: transducers.weight: new common transducer [Reviewed by Clemens Heuberger]
#16266: Daniel Krenn: FiniteStateMachine: option to show empty final word out labels [Reviewed by Clemens Heuberger]
#16272: Nathann Cohen, Vincent Delecroix: redesign transversal designs [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen, Vincent Delecroix]
#16277: Nathann Cohen: MOLS constructions rom the Handbook of Combinatorial Designs [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16279: Nathann Cohen: BIBD from Transversal Designs [Reviewed by Kannappan Sampath]
#16284: André Apitzsch: Remove some deprecated code [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen, Travis Scrimshaw]
#16286: Nathann Cohen: Allow k=None in MOLS/TD/OA [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16297: John Palmieri: followup to #16196: strip multiple 'sage:' prompts [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw]
#16300: Ralf Stephan: upgrade setuptools to 2.2b1 [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#16307: Jennet Dickinson: Fix small bug in G.strong_orientation() [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16314: Florent Hivert: Allows to construct subclasses of labelled tree from a labelled tree [Reviewed by Adrien Boussicault]
#16315: Anne Schilling: Modify the header of the tests for k-Schur book [Reviewed by Mike Zabrocki]
#16326: Frédéric Chapoton: spring cleanup for [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16328: Julian Rüth: Add a category parameter for Module [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]

Merged in sage-6.3.beta2:

#9493: Leif Leonhardy, Jean-Pierre Flori: Remove extra baggage from the ECL spkg [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#10963: Nicolas M. Thiéry: Axioms and more functorial constructions [Reviewed by Volker Braun, Nils Bruin, Peter Bruin, Frédéric Chapoton, Darij Grinberg, Florent Hivert, Simon King, Travis Scrimshaw]
#11506: Volker Braun: Fix the infinity ring. [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#11990: Peter Bruin: infinite sums that are infinite produce errors [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw]
#12046: Ben LeVeque: Fix for numerator_ideal function [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#13125: Volker Braun , Jordi Saludes , Ares Ribó: Reals sets consisting of intervals and isolated points [Reviewed by Ralf Stephan, Peter Bruin]
#13355: Timo Kluck: doctest proper handling of domain in evalf functions [Reviewed by Ralf Stephan]
#14102: Nicolas M. Thiéry, Anne Schilling: Nonsymmetric Macdonald Polynomials for all affine types [Reviewed by Anne Schilling, Nicolas M. Thiéry, Mark Shimozono, Bogdan Ion]
#14329: Marc Mezzarobba: Remove all the "is_[A-Z].*" from global namespace [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#14631: Nathann Cohen, Dima Pasechnik: Affine Polar Graphs [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen, Dima Pasechnik]
#14990: Peter Bruin: Implement algebraic closures of finite fields [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#15040: Paul Scurek: error handling and new model theoretic functions in logic module [Reviewed by William Stein]
#15631: Volker Braun: Random failures in [Reviewed by Nils Bruin]
#15781: Dillon Rose: Increase Performance of possible_periods in Projective Morphism [Reviewed by Ben Hutz, Joao Alberto de Faria]
#15782: Dillon Rose, Ben Hutz: Increase Performance of Multiplier in Projective Morphism [Reviewed by Ben Hutz, Dillon Rose]
#15801: Nicolas M. Thiéry: Categories over a base ring category [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw]
#15921: Dmitrii Pasechnik: work around Maxima fpprintprec bug and other ARM-specific problems [Reviewed by Peter Bruin, Volker Braun]
#16059: Thierry Monteil: Equality vs hash for braid groups [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw]
#16162: Jean-Pierre Flori: Cantor-Zassenhaus may enter infinite loop over GF(2**k) and cannot be interrupted [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#16199: Ralf Stephan: improve docs, add doctests in power_series* [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#16216: Wilfried Luebbe: Improve PEP8 compliance: replace "== None" by "is None" [Reviewed by Ralf Stephan]
#16224: Nils Bruin: incorrect translation of Bessel from Maxima? [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#16246: Jennet Dickinson: Add functions calculating all spanning trees, all bridges in a graph [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16255: Clemens Heuberger, Daniel Krenn: FiniteStateMachine.with_final_word_out: New method [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn, Sara Kropf]
#16267: Daniel Krenn: option to change column alignment in a matrix (in LaTeX output) [Reviewed by Clemens Heuberger]
#16276: Charles Bouillaguet: fixes PolynomialElement.mod() [Reviewed by John Cremona, Jean-Pierre Flori, Peter Bruin]
#16299: François Bissey: upgrade numpy/scipy to 1.8.1 and 0.14 [Reviewed by Nathan Dunfield]
#16306: Darij Grinberg: Replace =0 by is_zero() in test for matrix being alternating [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16337: Julian Rueth: key parameter of cached_method is not correctly propagated [Reviewed by Simon King]
#16338: Punarbasu Purkayastha: generate immutable codewords for a linear code? [Reviewed by Dmitrii Pasechnik]
#16341: Julian Rueth: discover_action() fails for unhashable elements [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#16344: Jan Keitel: Virtual rays of fans in non-saturated lattices [Reviewed by Andrey Novoseltsev]
#16345: Jean-Pierre Flori: ATLAS fails to build on ARM [Reviewed by Volker Braun, Peter Bruin]
#16348: Volker Braun: Cdd linker path [Reviewed by François Bissey]
#16349: Simon King, Travis Scrimshaw: Make UniqueFactory unpickling more flexible [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw, Simon King]
#16350: Ralf Stephan: on some systems, pkg-libexecs are installed into local/lib instead of local/libexec [Reviewed by Simon King, John Palmieri]
#16355: Sara Kropf: FiniteStateMachine: Corrected adjacency matrix [Reviewed by Clemens Heuberger]
#16357: Clemens Heuberger: FiniteStateMachine.default_format_transition_label: accept iterable [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn]
#16362: Nathann Cohen: Orthogonal Polar Graph [Reviewed by Dima Pasechnik]
#16365: Nathan Dunfield: ChainComplex.betti uses wrong base_ring [Reviewed by John Palmieri]
#16368: Volker Braun: Missing pkgconf dependencies [Reviewed by Martin Albrecht]
#16375: Volker Braun: Typo in libGAP's spkg-install [Reviewed by Leif Leonhardy]
#16379: Anna Haensch: Compute Hasse invariant over number fields and fix current implementation [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#16387: Clemens Heuberger: FiniteStateMachine.determinisation: allow input words of length > 1 [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn]
#16389: Volker Braun: display typeset missing [Reviewed by Ivan Andrus]

Merged in sage-6.3.beta3:

#7191: Jonathan Bober, Frédéric Chapoton: Make Dirichlet characters work when base ring is CC [Reviewed by Johan Bosman, Peter Bruin]
#7829: Marc Mezzarobba: implement hex for real numbers [Reviewed by Robert Bradshaw]
#8828: Robert Bradshaw, John Cremona: Lower height bound for elliptic curves [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#10448: Julian Rüth: Extensions of ZZ are not unique parents [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#10955: Peter Bruin: Get Maxima to easily accept flag values [Reviewed by Nils Bruin, Karl-Dieter Crisman]
#11894: Peter Bruin: problems with infinite sum [Reviewed by Karl-Dieter Crisman]
#13291: Frédéric Chapoton: Make matlab optional tests consistent [Reviewed by André Apitzsch]
#13422: Punarbasu Purkayastha, Michael Orlitzky: Log scale plots should auto-expand axes range to include at least 2 ticks [Reviewed by Karl-Dieter Crisman, Michael Orlitzky, Punarbasu Purkayastha]
#13526: Peter Bruin: simple incorrect limit [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw]
#13712: Travis Scrimshaw: wrong evaluation of infinite sum [Reviewed by Jeroen Demeyer, Karl-Dieter Crisman]
#13973: Peter Bruin: Upgrade Maxima to 5.33.0 [Reviewed by Marc Mezzarobba]
#14209: Karl-Dieter Crisman: Extra assumption kept by Maxima [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw, Peter Bruin]
#14543: Andrew Gainer-Dewar: Implement compositional inverses of cycle index series [Reviewed by Frédéric Chapoton]
#14680: Sébastien Labbé: fix broken optional dot2tex doctests [Reviewed by André Apitzsch]
#14953: Nathann Cohen, Brice Onfroy: Graph drawing in javascript using d3.js [Reviewed by Dima Pasechnik, Volker Braun]
#15178: Bradly Schlenker: the pexpect in sage has a major bug in it -- the which command is broken (easy to fix) [Reviewed by William Stein, Peter Bruin]
#15384: Travis Scrimshaw: Improvements to root systems [Reviewed by Daniel Bump]
#15386: Karl-Dieter Crisman: Maxima is confused about limits at infinity [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw]
#15438: Peter Müller: Fix elias_upper_bound [Reviewed by Punarbasu Purkayastha]
#15545: Ralf Stephan: TypeError in matching_polynomial [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#15683: Viviane Pons: Interval-posets of Tamari [Reviewed by Darij Grinberg, Frederic Chapoton, Travis Scrimshaw]
#15768: Travis Scrimshaw: Cleanup logic documentation [Reviewed by Frédéric Chapoton]
#15976: Martin Albrecht: IntegerLattice class [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn, Travis Scrimshaw]
#16078: André Apitzsch: Python 3 preparation: reduce() is no more a builtin function [Reviewed by Wilfried Luebbe]
#16083: Nathann Cohen: MCQD to compute max cliques [Reviewed by Jernej Azarija]
#16294: Ivan Andrus: Move sage_mode a new style spkg [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#16323: Nathann Cohen: Construction of BIBD with k=5 [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16336: John Cremona: Update Cremona's table of elliptic curves to 350000 [Reviewed by Jeroen Demeyer]
#16358: Nathann Cohen: Wrong answers of IncidenceStructure.automorphism_group() [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16359: Jean-Pierre Flori: Implement "first_lexicographic" option for irreducible polynomials over finite fields of odd characteristic [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#16367: Nathann Cohen: IncidenceStructure.automorphism_group : correct labels [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16371: André Apitzsch: Change some integer divisions from / to // [Reviewed by Wilfried Luebbe]
#16385: Jeroen Demeyer: Fix rounding ZZ -> Python float [Reviewed by Christoph Lauter, Marc Mezzarobba]
#16390: Ralf Stephan: in src/bin/sage handle -patchbot option earlier [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#16395: Robert Lipshitz: adjacency_matrix raises error for large multigraphs [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16405: Nicolas M. Thiéry: Cartesian product of rings [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16410: Nicolas M. Thiéry: Make combinatorial_map a no-op by default. [Reviewed by Christian Stump]
#16413: Ralf Stephan: upgrade setuptools to version 3.6 [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#16414: Christian Nassau: cartesian_factors missing in CombinatorialFreeModule_CartesianProduct [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw]
#16416: Dmitrii Pasechnik: provide AtlasRep GAP package to fix TomLib [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#16419: Volker Braun: libgap_long_ints [Reviewed by André Apitzsch]
#16420: Anne Schilling: Addition to algebraic combinatorics tutorial on Young's lattice and RSK [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw, Nicolas M. Thiery]
#16425: Clemens Heuberger: FiniteStateMachine.relabeled: allow user to specify labels. [Reviewed by Sara Kropf]
#16437: Ivan Andrus: Make support default arguments when starting the notebook server [Reviewed by Volker Braun]

Merged in sage-6.3.beta4:

#2952: Peter Bruin: Multivariate LaurentPolynomial can have coefficients in the wrong ring [Reviewed by Frédéric Chapoton]
#9107: Simon King, Nicolas M. Thiéry: Nested class name mangling can be wrong in case of double nesting [Reviewed by Volker Braun, Florent Hivert, Travis Scrimshaw]
#10534: Vincent Delecroix, Frédéric Chapoton: Cleanup in choose_nk, split_nk, subword, subset [Reviewed by Florent Hivert, Frédéric Chapoton, Travis Scrimshaw]
#11215: Taylor Dupuy, Frédéric Chapoton, Peter Bruin: Periods for Modular Forms [Reviewed by Aly Deines, Peter Bruin, Frédéric Chapoton]
#13528: Punarbasu Purkayastha: ymin is not respected in logarithmic plots [Reviewed by Karl-Dieter Crisman]
#14306: Karl-Dieter Crisman: regression in solve [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#14364: Steven Trogdon, Jeroen Demeyer: The jmol spkg contains [Reviewed by Snark]
#15137: Travis Scrimshaw: Implement right-angled Artin groups [Reviewed by Frédéric Chapoton, Miguel Marco]
#15493: Marc Mezzarobba: qqbar.ANRoot creates tons of copies of interval fields [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix, Jeroen Demeyer]
#15494: Nathann Cohen: Deprecate the _boundary parameter [Reviewed by Frédéric Chapoton, Vincent Delecroix]
#15547: Jean-Philippe Labbé: Fix the creation of tikzpictures of projections of polytopes [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#15595: Jean-Baptiste Priez: Shuffle Product [Reviewed by Matthieu Dien, Tomer Bauer]
#15639: Federico Poloni: Random failure in integer_vector [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#16067: Wilfried Luebbe: Python 3 preparation: The semantic of filter() function is changed [Reviewed by André Apitzsch]
#16101: Volker Braun: Python backend for Polyhedra [Reviewed by Dima Pasechnik, Leif Leonhardy, Frédéric Chapoton, Jan Keitel]
#16223: Nathann Cohen: Removes the Graph Theory constructions pages [Reviewed by Ralf Stephan]
#16260: Volker Braun: Python 2.7.7 [Reviewed by François Bissey, Jean-Pierre Flori, Leif Leonhardy, Simon King, John Palmieri]
#16291: Sébastien Besnier: Fixing associativity of FormalCompositeMap [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#16295: Nathann Cohen: Faster is_orthogonal_array [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix, Brett Stevens]
#16303: Volker Braun: 'make doc-clean' calls system-wide 'git', which may break 'make distclean' [Reviewed by Anne Schilling, John Palmieri, Leif Leonhardy]
#16319: Travis Scrimshaw: Implement k-closures for matroids [Reviewed by Stefan van Zwam]
#16356: Nathann Cohen: MOLS for n=18,57,154,276,298,342 [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16361: Nathann Cohen: OA(7,66), OA(7,68), OA(8,69), OA(7,74) and OA(8,76) [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16370: Nathann Cohen: OA(k,n) strongly regular graphs [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16373: Nathann Cohen: OA(18,273), OA(12,474), OA(33,993) [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16374: Vincent Delecroix: better two_squares, three_squares, four_squares for small input [Reviewed by Jeroen Demeyer, Leif Leonhardy,  ​Nathann Cohen]
#16383: Peter Bruin: Can't evaluate a polynomial on a finite field if representation is not "poly" [Reviewed by Ralf Stephan]
#16388: Nathann Cohen: Specify the values of k,n in the exceptions [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16391: Nathann Cohen: Helper functions for OA constructions [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16394: Frédéric Chapoton, Vincent Delecroix: bijection from Dyck words to triangulations + random Dyck word [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix, Frédéric Chapoton, Travis Scrimshaw]
#16415: Volker Braun: Ignore case in package directory [Reviewed by John Palmieri, Leif Leonhardy]
#16424: Vincent Delecroix: is_triangular_number() cleanup [Reviewed by Ralf Stephan]
#16431: Volker Braun: sync-build is broken [Reviewed by R. Andrew Ohana]
#16433: Nathann Cohen: clique_with_loops.is_strongly_regular() is True [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16434: Thierry Monteil: Package d3.js [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16438: Thierry Monteil: Use d3js package if available [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16440: Volker Braun: GAP 4.7.5 [Reviewed by Dima Pasechnik]
#16445: Santiago Vila: load and attach need parentheses [Reviewed by Punarbasu Purkayastha]
#16452: Nathann Cohen: Making the reference manual's introduction more concise [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#16455: Thierry Monteil: Update zeromq and pyzmq to recent version and new git layout [Reviewed by Sébastien Labbé]
#16458: Miguel Marco: Braid group creates elements in wrong class [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16460: Nathann Cohen: a cache for OA/TD/MOLS existence [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16461: Vincent Delecroix: Difference families... and more BIBD [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16462: Leif Leonhardy: Segfault in factorization of multivariate polynomials (Singular 3.1.6) [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#16464: Vincent Delecroix: cyclotomic_cosets for any finite ring [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16469: Punarbasu Purkayastha: some_code.random_element() does not return immutable elements [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16472: Vincent Delecroix: get rid of PermutationsNK [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw]
#16476: Vincent Delecroix: New difference family (25,4,1) and cleanup in [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16482: Erik Massop: Update developer manual for git's push-url feature [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#16487: Travis Scrimshaw: Fix ascii art of tableaux [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16488: R. Andrew Ohana: upgrade to IPython 2.1 [Reviewed by Thierry Monteil]

Merged in sage-6.3.beta5:

#7554: Travis Scrimshaw: bug in multivariate polynomial factorization [Reviewed by Martin Albrecht]
#9321: Ralf Stephan: Documentation for sum() function should indicate Python syntax *first* [Reviewed by Karl-Dieter Crisman, Travis Scrimshaw]
#10128: Martin Albrecht: Ideal.vector_space_dimension() should return Infinity for non-zero dimensional ideals. [Reviewed by Julian Rueth]
#10665: Peter Bruin: bug in elliptic curve two_descent command [Reviewed by Frédéric Chapoton]
#12410: Travis Scrimshaw: divergent alternating sum gives finite result [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#13008: Julian Rueth: refactor squarefree_decomposition to allow different rings to chose different implementations [Reviewed by Martin Albrecht]
#13053: Julian Rueth: wrong sign in square-free decomposition of polynomials over ZZ [Reviewed by Miguel Marco]
#13246: Punarbasu Purkayastha: Automatic exclusion of non-domain points in things like arcsec [Reviewed by Ralf Stephan, Karl-Dieter Crisman]
#13620: Julian Rueth: initialization of padic polynomial fails for empty dictionary [Reviewed by Martin Albrecht]
#14004: Christian Stump: Implementation of generalized nonnesting partitions for Weyl groups [Reviewed by Frédéric Chapoton, Travis Scrimshaw]
#14288: Andrey Novoseltsev: Add interactive simplex method module [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw]
#15390: Vincent Delecroix: roots of polynomials and eigenvalues of matrices over finite fields [Reviewed by Miguel Marco]
#15670: Martin Albrecht: eliminate_linear_variables() may increase degree [Reviewed by Miguel Marco]
#15732: Ivan Andrus: OS X app fails with no warning when run on read only file system (e.g. dmg) [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#16147: Vincent Delecroix: abs for elements of number fields provided with a complex embedding ignores it [Reviewed by Francis Clarke]
#16174: Andrey Novoseltsev: Fix deprecated use of field in toric plotter [Reviewed by Jan Keitel]
#16191: Sara Kropf: FiniteStateMachine: implement final_word_out [Reviewed by Clemens Heuberger, Daniel Krenn]
#16242: Sébastien Labbé: assert_have_dot2tex should reraise exception not replace it [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16308: Jeroen Demeyer: Improve sums of squares [Reviewed by Peter Bruin, Leif Leonhardy , Vincent Delecroix]
#16318: Julian Rueth: Improve some manual caching in monsky_washnitzer [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#16347: Nathann Cohen: Wilson's constructions of OA with 2 truncated groups [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16423: Nathann Cohen: Table of MOLS from the handbook and comparison with Sage [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16430: Nathann Cohen: Small speedup for OA(None,p^c) [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16439: Punarbasu Purkayastha: Allow inverse trig functions to all take complex input [Reviewed by Karl-Dieter Crisman, Ralf Stephan]
#16446: Vincent Delecroix: BalancedIncompleteBlockDesign -> balanced_incomplete_block_design [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16449: Jayant Apte: Add plot() and show() methods to abstract Matroid class [Reviewed by Stefan van Zwam]
#16474: Volker Braun: timeouts in doctests on OS X 10.9 [Reviewed by John Palmieri]
#16485: Martin von Gagern: "TypeError: keys do not match self's parent" computing variety of MPolynomialIdeal_singular_repr [Reviewed by Martin Albrecht]
#16497: Thierry Monteil: Rounding problem with CBC and gurobi LP solvers [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16498: Travis Scrimshaw: Improvements to Lie theory documentation [Reviewed by Dan Bump]
#16499: Nathann Cohen: Cheap speedup in the OA recursive constructions [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16500: Nathann Cohen: New recursive constructions of Orthogonal Arrays [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16502: Volker Braun: libgap printing to files broken [Reviewed by Dima Pasechnik]
#16503: Nathann Cohen: q-x construction of Orthogonal Arrays [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16509: Peter Bruin: bug in .as_finite_field_element() when minimal=True [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16521: Julian Rueth: Add is_perfect() for fields [Reviewed by Martin Albrecht]
#16524: Nathann Cohen: OA(9,135) [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16525: Nathann Cohen: IntegerRanger._repr_ now uses ... instead of .. [Reviewed by Martin Albrecht]
#16526: Nathann Cohen: IntersectionGraph constructor [Reviewed by Kannappan Sampath]
#16527: André Apitzsch: Remove deprecated code from #9005, #14138, #14724 [Reviewed by Martin Albrecht]
#16528: Nathann Cohen: OA(9,120) [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16531: Miguel Marco: Expression.solve() does not handle multiple variables to solve for. [Reviewed by Julian Rueth]
#16535: Vincent Delecroix: get rid of who_asked parameter in combinatorial design and move Wilson constructions [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16539: Clemens Heuberger: FiniteStateMachine.process: Refuse Non-Deterministic Finite State Machines [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn]
#16551: Nathann Cohen, Ralf Hemmecke: Sage's doc believes we are in 2011 [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#16560: Travis Scrimshaw: Upgrade lrcalc to 1.1.7 [Reviewed by François Bissey]

Merged in sage-6.3.beta6:

#804: Peter Bruin: Matrix should not inherit from AlgebraElement [Reviewed by Luis Felipe Tabera  Alonso]
#2516: Fredrik Johansson, Eviatar Bach, Ralf Stephan: generalized hypergeometric functions should be implemented [Reviewed by Ralf Stephan, Nils Bruin, Volker Braun]
#6882: Ralf Stephan: bugs in conversion of variable names from Maxima to Sage [Reviewed by Karl-Dieter Crisman]
#8734: Jason Grout, Ralf Stephan: make sage variables unique in maxima [Reviewed by Volker Braun, Paul Zimmermann, Karl-Dieter Crisman]
#11474: Peter Bruin: Elliptic curves should be unique parent structures [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#11980: Daniel Krenn, Jean-Pierre Flori: Improve naive point counting and implement zeta_function for hyperelliptic curves over finite fields [Reviewed by Marco Streng, Volker Braun]
#12442: R. Andrew Ohana, Leif Leonhardy: Singular does not state return type of main() functions [Reviewed by Leif Leonhardy, Jean-Pierre Flori, Volker Braun]
#12718: Martin Albrecht: polynomial substitution overflow hell (libsingular bug?) [Reviewed by Volker Braun, William Stein]
#12880: Sébastien Besnier: Inconsistent domain, codomain and parent in EllipticCurveIsogeny [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#12947: Peter Bruin: Bug in integrating x*cos(x^3) [Reviewed by Ralf Stephan]
#13277: Julian Rueth: Add _factor_univariate_polynomial() for RealField and ComplexField [Reviewed by Martin Albrecht]
#13331: Jean-Pierre Flori: Build Singular with FLINT support [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#13647: Julian Rueth: padic elements can not be initialized from polynomials [Reviewed by Martin Albrecht]
#13781: Ralf Stephan: Doctests in rings/polynomial/polynomial_modn_dense_ntl.pyx test the wrong implementation [Reviewed by Martin Albrecht]
#14782: Punarbasu Purkayastha: empty ticks result in empty axes in log scale [Reviewed by Karl-Dieter Crisman]
#15289: Travis Scrimshaw: Implement indexed monoids [Reviewed by Nicolas M. Thiéry]
#15382: Soli Vishkautsan, Hao Chen: Implementing Macaulay Resultant (sage days 55) [Reviewed by Ben Hutz]
#15515: Jeroen Demeyer: Change graphics_filename() to return a tmp_filename() except from the notebook [Reviewed by Martin von Gagern]
#16007: Ralf Stephan: give solution constants of ODEs unique names [Reviewed by Nils Bruin, Karl-Dieter Crisman]
#16037: Travis Scrimshaw: Hash value of Family is based on string representation [Reviewed by Nicolas M. Thiéry]
#16135: Peter Bruin: Implement QuotientRingElement._im_gens_() [Reviewed by Luis Felipe Tabera Alonso]
#16186: Clemens Heuberger, Daniel Krenn: extend transducers.add to arbitrary input-length [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn, Clemens Heuberger]
#16316: Julian Rueth: cached_function and cached_method for unhashable elements [Reviewed by Peter Bruin, Travis Scrimshaw]
#16317: Julian Rueth: UniqueFactory for unhashable elements [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#16322: Martin Albrecht: Magma doctest failures [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#16332: James Campbell, Vince Knight: Game Theory: Build capacity to calculate Shapley value of cooperative games. [Reviewed by Karl-Dieter Crisman, Travis Scrimshaw]
#16454: Thierry Monteil: Update openssl package to latest version. [Reviewed by Sébastien Labbé]
#16463: Frédéric Chapoton: random_element for parking functions [Reviewed by Aladin Virmaux]
#16495: Martin von Gagern: Latex formatting of rational algebraic numbers [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#16504: Nathann Cohen: A mandatory 'nonnegative' argument for MixedIntegerLinearProgram.new_variable() until the standard changes [Reviewed by Jeroen Demeyer]
#16518: Julian Rueth: Derivations for rational function fields [Reviewed by Miguel Marco]
#16530: Julian Rueth: Caching error for function field extensions [Reviewed by Martin Albrecht]
#16544: Bruno Grenet: Implement `quo_rem` for `Polynomial_sparse_generic` [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw]
#16553: Nathann Cohen, Vincent Delecroix: Clean IncidenceStructure [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen, Vincent Delecroix]
#16555: Clemens Heuberger: FiniteStateMachine.composition: Only deterministic machines for explorative algorithm [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn]
#16557: Clemens Heuberger: FiniteStateMachine - LaTeX output in notebook [Reviewed by Jean-Baptiste Priez]
#16558: Robert Bradshaw: Add note about github integration to developer guide. [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#16566: Julian Rueth: Improve printing of function field morphisms [Reviewed by Martin Albrecht]
#16578: Miguel Marco: Add TIDES as optional package. [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16579: Miguel Marco: Tides interface [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#16582: Nathann Cohen: MOLS: Table with n<600 and updated syntax [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16589: Clemens Heuberger: FSMState.__copy__: copy color [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn]
#16602: Travis Scrimshaw: Immutable graphs don't work with canonical_relabel() [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16608: Niles Johnson: Immediate fix for animations in notebook [Reviewed by Martin von Gagern]
#16611: Emmanuel Charpentier: Upgrade R to version 3.1 [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#16621: Clemens Heuberger: cached_method: additional docstring [Reviewed by Simon King]
#16622: Nathann Cohen: Deprecate Hypergraph in favor of IncidenceStructure [Reviewed by Dima Pasechnik]
#16623: Jayant Apte: Fix bugs in plot() and show() methods of abstract matroids class [Reviewed by Stefan van Zwam]
#16625: Volker Braun: Better plotting for polytopes, re-add projection_direction [Reviewed by Andrey Novoseltsev]
#16626: Volker Braun: ellipsis for doctest line numbers [Reviewed by Martin Albrecht, Dima Pasechnik]
#16633: Travis Scrimshaw: indefinite factorization changes an immutable matrix [Reviewed by Jan Keitel]
#16645: Martin von Gagern: Restore displaying animations in notebook [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#16648: Volker Braun: Python 2.7.8 [Reviewed by Emmanuel Charpentier]
#16661: Clemens Heuberger: New common transducer Wait [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn]
#16663: Clemens Heuberger, Daniel Krenn: New common transducers all and any [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn, Clemens Heuberger]
#16668: Clemens Heuberger: Enhance FiniteStateMachine.is_Markov_chain to handle symbolic probabilities [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn]
#16669: Jan Keitel: Lattice automorphism group forgets labels [Reviewed by Volker Braun]

Merged in sage-6.3.beta7:

#3912: Frédéric Chapoton: sage -t foo.tex should also test listings blocks not only verbatim [Reviewed by André Apitzsch]
#5131: Travis Scrimshaw: regression in free modules -- who broke my __mul__ [Reviewed by Jan Keitel]
#8698: Bernhard Bloechl: German translation of the document "A Tour of Sage" [Reviewed by Minh Van Nguyen, André Apitzsch]
#10149: Roberto Panai: Italian translation of "A Tour of Sage" [Reviewed by Frédéric Chapoton]
#13248: Tom Denton, Frédéric Chapoton: Coxeter groups: all elements of length N, random elements [Reviewed by Mike Zabrocki, Travis Scrimshaw]
#13626: Julian Rueth: implement gcd for padics [Reviewed by Luis Felipe Tabera Alonso]
#14843: Miguel Marco: Minor improvements to 4ti2 interface [Reviewed by Dima Pasechnik]
#14857: Peter Bruin: SR(infinity) / unsigned_infinity returns 0 [Reviewed by Jan Keitel]
#15017: Eviatar Bach: Symbolic spherical harmonic [Reviewed by Jan Keitel, Travis Scrimshaw]
#15560: Travis Scrimshaw: Add methods to rigged configurations [Reviewed by Anne Schilling]
#15628: Frédéric Chapoton: Change the sage-combinat scripts to work with Sage-6.0 [Reviewed by Anne Schilling]
#15803: Luis Felipe Tabera Alonso: Add a gcd algorithm for univariate polynomials over number fields using pari [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#15860: Jan Keitel: spaces in function('A, B') [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn]
#16104: Frédéric Chapoton: Obsolete references to Mercurial in the documentation [Reviewed by Robert Bradshaw]
#16158: Peter Bruin: Make Spec into a functor [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw]
#16171: Andrey Novoseltsev: Sort cone facets [Reviewed by Jan Keitel]
#16180: Andrey Novoseltsev: Subdivide fans using PPL [Reviewed by Jan Keitel]
#16271: Christian Nassau: Support the generic Steenrod algebra at the prime 2 [Reviewed by John Palmieri]
#16296: Simon King: Speed improvements for categories with axioms [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw]
#16309: Simon King: Determine argspec of static methods with defaults in Cython files [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw]
#16360: Julian Rueth: Conversion of function field elements to pari [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#16380: Volker Braun: improve startup time of libGAP [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw]
#16398: Nathann Cohen: Cleaning the Graph documentation index + remove numerical/ [Reviewed by Frédéric Chapoton]
#16401: Peter Bruin: Use FiniteFieldHomomorphism_prime for embeddings of GF(p) [Reviewed by Jean-Pierre Flori]
#16456: John Cremona: Bug in descend_to method for elliptic curves [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#16490: Ingólfur Eðvarðsson: Create a linear programming backend for cvxopt [Reviewed by Dima Pasechnik]
#16541: Nathann Cohen: MOLS table : 10 000 integers [Reviewed by Volker Braun, Vincent Delecroix]
#16588: Clemens Heuberger, Daniel Krenn: finite_state_machine.FSMState: New method fully_equal [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn, Clemens Heuberger]
#16597: Vincent Delecroix: Singer difference set and fix OA_9_135 [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16614: Nathann Cohen: Non existence of some small BIBD [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
#16617: Vincent Delecroix: simple echelon matrix iterator [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16620: Clemens Heuberger: Don't mention setup_latex_preamble in introductory documentation [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn]
#16639: Frédéric Chapoton: Fix link in tutorial [Reviewed by Ralf Stephan]
#16644: Travis Scrimshaw, Punarbasu Purkayastha: LinearCode.cardinality category breakage [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen, Punarbasu Purkayastha, Travis Scrimshaw]
#16646: Jean-Baptiste Priez: Ordered Set Partitions of size 42 [Reviewed by Frédéric Chapoton]
#16666: Clemens Heuberger: Extend FiniteStateMachine.product_FiniteStateMachine and Transducer.cartesian_product to products of more than two machines [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn]
#16674: Daniel Krenn: add is_monochromatic to finite state machines [Reviewed by Clemens Heuberger]
#16675: Daniel Krenn: add function that checks if all elements of iterator are the equal [Reviewed by Clemens Heuberger, Daniel Krenn]
#16677: Clemens Heuberger, Daniel Krenn: improve the docstrings in the finite state machines module [Reviewed by Clemens Heuberger, Daniel Krenn]
#16678: Travis Scrimshaw: Fix coercions for descent and symmetric group algebras [Reviewed by Darij Grinberg]
#16680: Peter Bruin, Travis Scrimshaw: Improve handling of "algorithm" parameter in EllipticCurve_finite_field.cardinality() [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw, Peter Bruin]
#16683: Vincent Delecroix: gray code for integer vectors and combinations [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16685: Jonas Jermann: power series reversion using flint [Reviewed by Jean-Pierre Flori]
#16690: Frédéric Chapoton: typos in French tour of sage [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16692: Martin Raum: Update nose to version 1.3.3 [Reviewed by John Palmieri]
#16695: Frédéric Chapoton, Clemens Heuberger: Add src/sage/symbolic/assumptions to the reference manual [Reviewed by Clemens Heuberger, Ralf Stephan]
#16696: Frédéric Chapoton: correct a typo in doc of morphism.pyx [Reviewed by Peter Bruin]
#16700: Frédéric Chapoton: fix latex of bimodules [Reviewed by Travis Scrimshaw]
#16701: Nathann Cohen: [Reviewed by Dima Pasechnik]
#16702: Nathann Cohen: Raise exceptions when database_gap is not installed [Reviewed by Dima Pasechnik]
#16708: Peter Bruin: Class group part of the Selmer group of a number field is incorrectly computed [Reviewed by John Cremona]
#16710: Daniel Krenn: typos in documentation (mentionned) [Reviewed by Frédéric Chapoton]
#16711: Emmanuel Charpentier, Nathan Cohen: Upgrade R to version 3.1.1 [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16712: Frédéric Chapoton: remove bad use of exec in cluster code [Reviewed by André Apitzsch]
#16715: Frédéric Chapoton: Remove "nonbreaking spaces" from .rst files [Reviewed by Steven Trogdon]
#16717: Daniel Krenn: Python3: next in finite_state_machines module [Reviewed by Clemens Heuberger]

Merged in sage-6.3.beta8:

#2352: Luis Felipe Tabera Alonso, Julian Rueth: univariate homogenize is not the same as multivariate homogenize [Reviewed by Julian Rueth, Luis Felipe Tabera Alonso]
#15389: David Krumm, John Doyle: An algorithm for enumerating elements of bounded height in number fields [Reviewed by Ben  Hutz]
#16515: Jeroen Demeyer: Every RDF number compares equal to NaN [Reviewed by Marc Mezzarobba]
#16599: Frédéric Chapoton: OEIS database install docstring is out of date [Reviewed by Niles Johnson]
#16728: Volker Braun: libgap_workspace_2 [Reviewed by Ralf Stephan]
#16735: Volker Braun: Graph database installs to wrong location [Reviewed by François Bissey]

Merged in sage-6.3.rc0:

#15181: Nathann Cohen: Treewidth (lazy implementation) [Reviewed by David Coudert]
#15191: Julian Rueth: Add tests in the category of euclidean domains [Reviewed by Peter Bruin, Travis Scrimshaw, Frédéric Chapoton]
#16226: Niles Johnson: Tachyon plot produces invalid file [Reviewed by Frédéric Chapoton]
#16580: Clemens Heuberger: FiniteStateMachine: cleanup code [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn]
#16709: Nathann Cohen: IncidenceStructure.packing [Reviewed by Dima Pasechnik]
#16718: Travis Scrimshaw: Create a category for Cartesian products of groups [Reviewed by Nathann Cohen]
#16727: Nathann Cohen: IncidenceStructure.__contains__ [Reviewed by Dima Pasechnik]
#16730: Nathann Cohen: PermutationGroup.blocks_all with correct labels [Reviewed by Dima Pasechnik]
#16732: Nils Bruin: Fix _maxima_init_evaled_ use, as well as translations of psi etc. to/from maxima. [Reviewed by Ralf Stephan]
#16738: Frédéric Chapoton: Shortening some very long cluster doctests [Reviewed by Christian Stump]
#16741: Nathann Cohen: Bug in IncidenceStructure.automorphism_group when the ground set consists of pairs [Reviewed by Dima Pasechnik]
#16751: Volker Braun: Singular build fail OSX109 [Reviewed by Jan Keitel, Leif Leonhardy]
#16752: Travis Scrimshaw: Cleanup in hypergeometric functions [Reviewed by Ralf Stephan]

Merged in sage-6.3.rc1:

#16596: Travis Scrimshaw: Add tests for the category of domains [Reviewed by Julian Rueth]
#16705: Clemens Heuberger, Daniel Krenn, Sara Kropf: including doctests of arxiv`1404.7458` in src/sage/tests [Reviewed by Clemens Heuberger, Daniel Krenn, Sara Kropf]
#16744: Peter Bruin: Random failure in elliptic_curves/ [Reviewed by Jeroen Demeyer]
#16750: Volker Braun: libgap fails converting char GapElements to Sage [Reviewed by Ralf Stephan]
#16754: Clemens Heuberger: Finite State Machine: trivial documentation improvements [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn, Sara Kropf]
#16758: Clemens Heuberger: FiniteStateMachine.composition: check types [Reviewed by Daniel Krenn]
#16760: John Palmieri: stopgap for #16759 [Reviewed by Jeroen Demeyer]

Merged in sage-6.3:

#16766: Nathann Cohen: Improve the doc of combinat/designs/ [Reviewed by Volker Braun, Dima Pasechnik]
#16789: Volker Braun: Combinatorial designs use internet during doctest [Reviewed by Vincent Delecroix]
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