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From: Vinay Wagh <wag...@gmail.com>
Date: 21 December 2011 08:24
Subject: [sage-support] A simple question on modules.
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Sorry to ask such simple questions, but I am not able to find
appropriate reference in the manual.

I have a power series ring (or polynomial ring) in multi-variables,
say R = k[X_1,\cdots, X_n] or k[[X_1,\cdots, X_n]].  I need to define
a module over R, generated by f_1,f_2,\cdots,f_r.

e.g. in Singular one can define it using
module M = f_1,\cdots,f_r.              (Of course not verbatim)

Second question: Is the computation of first syzygy module implemented
for Power Series rings? The manual gives an example for Polynomial
Rings (and mentions it only on the page "Ideals in multivariate
polynomial rings".

Thanks in advance.

-- VInay

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