Bicycle accident reports 2008-2009 Cherry Hill

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Jan 10, 2010, 7:52:13 PM1/10/10

Attached please find a summary of the bicycle accident reports the Township Police Dept. provided in response to my Open Public Records Act request. 
The accidents are grouped by type.  More data from more years in Cherry Hill and other studies would increase confidence in their statistical significance.  I'll be asking the Township for more years of data to help us.
What we have provides good information on road design and human behavor flaws (including both drivers and bicyclists) and suggests the need for safety improvements and better education.     
The website: shows ways bicyclists get hit and real ways to avoid the type of accidents described in the accident reports.

helen kushner

Jan 11, 2010, 10:02:14 AM1/11/10
thanks, Roxane.  Will get back to you soon.  How about this evening?  Are you coming to the CHEAC meeting?  I thought I would be away, but will be in Cherry Hill.  Do you have a list of projects/issues you mentioned (to me) at our last CHEAC meeting?  Either you, or me, or someone needs to offer, for discussion,  a more complete list of projects requiring attention.   I'm also sending my previous email to David .  ( thought sent it already but probably not.) We  need to have a list of priority projects, assess their viability, discuss probabilities, and then VOTE as a committee.  I willnot make a move to Comm. Dev. until a committee majority supports it.  Helen 

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