2009 Pedestrian Safety Mobilization Summary Cherry Hill

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Jan 13, 2010, 5:47:21 PM1/13/10
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Attached please find two pages I received from the CH Police Dept. summarizing the summonses issued by category and some statistics about the program which was run between August and Sept. 2009.  The department sent two TSU officers to Pedestrian Decoy Training in May 2008.  After attending the workshop, the TSU identified several locations throughout the township which they believed an education and enforcement detail would be effective for driver's not yielding to a pedestrian decoy waling in a crosswalk. 
According to the report the CHPD issued 204 tickets to drivers for failing to yield to pedestrians on six dates at six different locations.  Note that least 3 of the locations are at or near Cherry Hill public schools (High School West, Beck, and Carusi). 
Separately I received a longer Memorandum seeking funds for a pedestrian safety research project that says there were at least five fatalities involving pedestrians, as well as several other pedestrian collesions that resulted in serious injuries over the past two years. These include 3 pedestrian fatal collisions on Route 70 (Aug 28, 2007 at Brace, April, 22, 2008 at Edison, and March 28, 2009 at Grove Rd.).  The others occurred on Haddonfield Rd near Church and on Rte. 38 and Longwood.  I will bring copies to our next meeting.
Since there do not appear to be any other Township studies of pedestrian accidents, I will proceed with my request for the individual accident reports as I did with the bicycle accident reports.
Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions regarding any of this.
Roxane Shinn

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