Safe 2.4.0 and SafeDesktop 0.9.6

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Thomas King

Oct 31, 2007, 11:28:06 AM10/31/07
Hi all,
yesterday, I released Safe 2.4.0 and SafeDesktop 0.9.6. These releases contain
the following new features:
- SafeDesktop:
* Statistics added
* Process bars for encryption and decryption added
- Safe:
* Goto (in list of entries) added
* Menu reorganized

If you update Safe from a previous version please follow the hint already
discusses in the forum.

Enjoy Safe and SafeDesktop!

Best regards,

P.S.: Currently, I am looking for interesting new features. So, please stand
up and tell me what you want to see in the upcoming versions of Safe and


Nov 17, 2007, 3:21:22 PM11/17/07
to Safe_and_SafeDesktop

Guess you know at least some of what i will suggest :-)

* Categories, so I can organize it better and differ between work/
It would also be nice to have sub categories.
* Templates. Both predefined templates and a way to create your on
templates, in both safe and safedesktop.
* A way to send entries and/or categories to another cellphone running
safe over bluetooth/IR/...
It will make it a lot easier to use it at work, if I can sync/
transfer entries with my co-workers
* Stronger encryption
* Syncronisation directly between safe and safedesktop over USB/
bluetooth without having to setup an IP-connection.
* A way to merge two or more databases in safedesktop.
* If/When categories are implemented, a way to syncronise only
selected categories.
* Import(/export) from other password handling programs like
KeePass, ...

Thomas King

Nov 17, 2007, 3:49:05 PM11/17/07
Hi Torkel,
thanks for your suggestions! I am always happy to hear feedback and feature
requests for Safe and SafeDesktop.

Unfortunately, I am the only single developer of Safe and SafeDesktop. This
means, all the coding is done by myself and hence the evolution steps are
quite small. ;-) Currently, the following features are on the roadmap:
- Stronger encryption (AES256 will be used in the near future)
- Categories

Another user asked for import of KeePass data. However, I am currently too
busy to work on that.

If you want to see features going into Safe and SafeDesktop that are not on my
(personal) roadmap list, I encourage you to implement these features and send
me a patch. I would be happy to receive patches that improve Safe or

Best regards,
Thomas King

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