[Sacto Critical Mass] Booth Layout for Sac State Earth Day (this Thursday)

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Jasmine Greer

Apr 21, 2010, 1:28:57 AM4/21/10
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Please see the attached document to get an idea of the planned booth layout for the festival this Thursday. Each number corresponds to a specific organization, listed below. Those with an asterisk will have a table set up for them by ESO. All others are expected to provide their own booth.

All spaces will be marked off with your group's name the morning of the event, so no need to memorize the attached drawing--it is only intended to give you a visual of the event.

Catering and DJ's will be centrally located to draw students in. All event visitors will be given  a bingo-card that contains each group's name (each booth will be given a stack to give out throughout the event). If visitors interact with a total of at least 10 booths and get each one to sign their card, they are entered to win a drawing for a free water bottle, movie tickets or a $25 gift card to Sac Natural Foods Co-Op (if your group would like to add an item to the drawing, it's not too late! Just let me know). Visitors will also need to get at least 3 booths signed off to get some free food.

Group list (by booth number on layout drawing):

  1. SMUD and electric vehicle
  2. *Sacramento Chinese Center: Tobacco Control
  3. *Tong-Lee Realtors
  4. CAER E-Waste
  5. Sac State Recycling Committee
  6. Shred-It
  7. PEAK Adventures
  8. *Sacramento Vegetarian Society and the Sac State Vegetarian Club
  9. *Food Not Bombs, Critical Mass and Sac Bike Kitchen
  10. Bike Blitz
  11. The WELL
  12. ESO
  13. *Environmental Studies Department
  14. *Gregory Popejoy
  15. *UTAPS
  16. ASCE
  17. Competitive Robotics
  18. *Career Center "Clean and Green Careers" booth
  19. *Green Student Alliance
  20. *ASI Sustainability Committee
  21. *Pick n Pull
  22. **Field Biology Group (chairs provided by ESO)
  23. *College Democrats
  24. *Donate Life CA
  25. UCAN Food Drive: Rotaract Club
  26. *Peace and Conflict International
  27. *Women's Studies Student Association

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