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Aaron Jackson

Feb 22, 2017, 6:56:20 PM2/22/17
to Sacramento Aquarium Society
Hello, everyone!

I'll cut right to the chase.  Life happens, and sometimes it makes it hard to keep up with our great hobby.  With a new job and a new opportunity to pursue a PhD, I'm afraid that I no longer have time to keep up with my tank, so I decided I would list it here, where I know it is more likely to go to someone who can appreciate it.  :)

This is a mostly-custom system.  I purchased the 100 gallon acrylic tank a couple of years back, fitted it with a custom acrylic overflow (not quite a coast-to-coast, but I wanted to maximize the flow and was able to come up with something that allowed 96" of overflow) connected to a BeanAnimal drain setup to deliver water to the 55 gallon (standard glass) sump.  I customized the sump with my own acrylic trickle-tower with media trays for mechanical filtration, plenty of bio balls, and a fairly successful K1 media chamber (that's all a bit hard to see in the pictures) before the water flows into the heater chamber, refugium, and finally pump return, which is currently connected to a spray bar and undergravel jet in the display tank.  All of this is contained in a custom-built stand and hood setup.

Here's a list of everything in the system:
  • Custom wooden stand and hood with built-in power bar in stand and sliding doors that can be easily removed for maintenance; I also insulated the back of the stand and the doors to make the system efficient with regards to heat.  with the hood on the tank, the whole setup is about 5' 8" tall, 63" wide, and comes about 24" out from the wall.
  • 100 gallon acrylic display tank (60" x 18" x 20")
  • 55 gallon (standard) sump
  • Custom overflow and beananimal sump drain (with adjustable flow control)
  • Custom acrylic trickle tower filtration with trays for easy media access, plenty of bio balls, a K1 media chamber, crushed coral (for buffering), and more bio balls
  • 2x 150W heaters
  • LED lighting for the refugium
  • Pumps:
    • Sicce Syncra 5.0 (1,321 gph)
    • Hydrofarm (1,000 gph as a backup, included)
  • Light:  Finnex 48" Planted+ 24/7 LED bar with remote
  • Miscellaneous odds and ends (nets, a magnet cleaner, filter media, etc.)
This system is whisper quiet, has fail safes built in to prevent flooding in the event of a power outage, and the filter and sump combination--along with regular maintenance--keep the water crystal clear and in perfect condition to keep our scaled friends happy.  I have used it as a Tanganyikan tank and my N. Caudopunctatus, N. Brevis, and Cyps were all reproducing like crazy in this thing.  I was in the process of converting it to a planted tank when life intervened, which is why there is a bit more green in the display than you would expect for a Tanganyikan tank.

I would prefer to sell the whole thing as a unit to someone who will make the most of the rig.  To an SAS member, I'm asking $300 (the Sicce pump and Finnex light bar are worth more than that) for the whole thing.  So, if you're interested, or have questions, please contact me here or at my email address ( and we can work out the details.

All the best,

Aaron Jackson
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