Creating an event with iOS Calendar duplicate event locally

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Feb 23, 2017, 1:14:11 PM2/23/17
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Hi everybody

We have written a module to add CalDAV/CardDAV support to Dolibarr CRM software based on SabreDAV 3.0.8

A user encounter a problem when creating a new event on his iPhone (7), the event is correctely created on CRM, return to iPhone calendar with the right UUID (containing Dolibarr event id) but original event is still present on iPhone. So we have a duplicate event on iPhone.

This problem does not occur with Thunderbird/lightning or DAVDroid client.

I suppose there something wrong in my CalDAV backend implementation but I don't know what.

Is there someone to help me ?

Here is the source :

Many thanks


Evert Pot

Feb 23, 2017, 2:34:11 PM2/23/17
to SabreDAV Discussion
Hi Jean-Pierre,

The mistake is exactly in your description. The iPhone creates an event with a UID (note that it's not a UUID). Events should always keep their UID for their entire lifetime. By changing it, you are violating the specification and confusing the iPhone.

Note that this is not just a problem with iPhone, it would be malfunctioning in Thunderbird as well if the event for example came from an external source, such as an email invite.


Feb 25, 2017, 4:16:24 AM2/25/17
to SabreDAV Discussion
Thank you Evert.

I will store original UID to continue use it in next exchanges.

Just a last question :
Can I have a different value for uri and UID ?
Actually, I use same value for uri and UID. If I use a new uri (containing Dolibarr event id) and keep original iPhone UID, will it work ?
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