Urgent help with syncing into Android

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Dec 7, 2016, 3:22:38 AM12/7/16
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I have written a service to insert the outlook ics files into the sabredav database.

I have managed to get sabredav to work on the iPhone by setting sync all events in the settings allowing all events to be download into the phone.

However there is no such settings on the Android. I am using aCaldav adapter. I tried many others but result is the same. I can add, edit and remove new entries on the Android and it get sync onto the server then back to my iPhone (vice versa) but anything else just does not appear. Not sure is it related to the sync token or anything?

Appreciate if anyone could enlighten me on this please. Thank you.

Evert Pot

Dec 7, 2016, 12:37:16 PM12/7/16
to SabreDAV Discussion
Hi James,

We simply do not support anyone modifying the database directly. You must either write a CalDAV client, or you have to use the internal sabre/dav PHP apis.
The CalDAV\Backend\PDO class has the right PHP functions to insert, but doing it via HTTP requests is even better because you get the benefit of validation.

So if you're hand-writing SQL queries to get data in the database, you are on your own. If you're stubborn your best option is to reverse engineer what CalDAV\Backend\PDO does when inserting calendar objects and mimic that exactly.
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