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Rayna Himenez

Dec 5, 2023, 6:08:39 PM12/5/23
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I share the internet with two other people and I know one of them uses utorrents and is constantly downloading. When her computer is off the internet is substantially faster, would this be because of her torrenting or is it just because there are 3 computers using the wireless.

Roommates Torrent Download [Torrent]


Maybe your wifi router (I suppose there is one) has an option to set different priorities for different traffic classes e. g. bulk for Torrent, normal for Websites, priority for low-latency online-games. This would be the best solution, because it does not unnecessarily slow down torrent traffic but keeps other traffic at a higher priority. So torrents would be just using the leftover data rate.

They tend to be "greedy" with bandwidth. This is for similar reasons as #1: the torrent has a lot of data to transfer, well beyond what it can send at one time. The torrent client will try to download as much data as it can.

They are bi-directional. In my experience this is the biggest drawback to seeding torrents. Most consumer-level providers give their users asynchronous bandwidth: they allow more traffic to come downstream to the customer than they permit to return upstream. This lets them provide a "faster feeling" experience than a synchronous connection, since most end-user traffic really is downloading. But one key goal of torrents is to serve as much traffic as you pull, which screws up this model. If your upstream bandwidth is being saturated by torrents, your initial requests for connections will take a long time, and everything will feel very, very sluggish.

Most torrent clients are programmed to be very cooperative in mediating these problems. They allow you to regulate things like the number and speed of uploads, downloads, and total connections. Most even have built-in traffic profiling that supply "reasonable" values for these settings, or pre-defined profilers for various speed connections.

Look up your Router Manual and how to adjust Quality of Service (QoS) setting. Assuming you have a set Port Number ("Current Port" in the picture above) that doesn't change, you can set the priority of that port to low, thus allowing everything else priority before torrents.

Some VPNs include port forwarding, which speeds up P2P connections. This setting is sometimes necessary to seed torrents effectively. We tested Windscribe for torrenting and found that its download bitrates were still average, though.

In order to open a .torrent file you need to download a torrent client, such as qBittorrent or uTorrent. When this is installed you just have to double click or open the .torrent file for your client to begin torrenting.

Copyright trolls watch public torrents and collect lists of IP addresses. Then, they send legal letters to the ISPs those IP addresses belong to. ISPs can then forward the legal threats to their customers. You can find out who your ISP is using our ISP checking tool.

Yes, torrenting itself is legal. However, torrenting is a way to share files, and any laws that apply to sharing material in general also apply to torrenting. For example, sharing copyrighted material without permission is illegal in many countries and these laws still apply if you are torrenting.

If you enable IP Binding and your VPN or proxy disconnects, the torrent client will block the connection from your true IP address. This stops the torrent and prevents your IP address from being exposed to the swarm.

Excellent file-sharing applications like Acquisition and MyTunes make downloading a trivial task. But even great programs like that require great effort to find the best quality song or albums. Even if you find the entire album via a shady torrent site, it might not be fast, might contain malware or be password protected and make you go to a sketchy site to find the password. All of these make for great cases to purchase music through iTunes or other such applications/music stores. It also helps that iTunes is my all-in-one app; I purchase music from it, play and burn music with it.

Curious what people here think of the Kickass Torrents bust ( -piracy-case/). This site seemed particularly decent to me: tasteful advertising, friendly community (not that I knowingly used it for anything illegal, obviously), which would make it all the more unfortunate if the owner were charged. Are there people here who know about the case? Is there something that could be done to help financially with the defense? Also curious what people think about torrent culture more generally.

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