Entire libs2e gets recompiled after modifying KLEE and Z3

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Alan Wang

Jan 19, 2021, 4:55:00 PMJan 19
to S2E Developer Forum

I'm trying to debug an issue, so I need to modify KLEE and Z3. 
But when I modify a .cpp file in KLEE or Z3, the entire libs2e (all .cpp files in libtcg, libcpu, libs2ecore, libs2eplugins..) needs to be recompiled, which takes quite a long time. 
For example, if I modify ast/ast.cpp file in Z3, I think only libz3.a needs to be rebuilt, but not the other parts in libs2e, e.g., libs2eplugins. Is that correct?
So is there anyway to avoid recompiling .cpp files in libs2e after modifying KLEE or Z3?


Vitaly Chipounov

Jan 19, 2021, 5:00:59 PMJan 19
to s2e...@googlegroups.com, Alan Wang


I am afraid it's not possible without rewriting the main S2E makefile. Perhaps you could build Z3 as a shared library, but that would also require quite a few changes to the build system.


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