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Nov 26, 2020, 4:19:28 AM11/26/20
Hi Vitaly
     I want use s2e to test "grep"
     as the command $ grep -A 1 ./test.txt, I want  symbolic the first parameter ("-A"), and the second parameter ("1"), and I do not want to symbolic the file ("./test.txt").
    in I modify as following:
     S2E_SYM_ARGS="1 2" LD_PRELOAD="${S2E_SO}" "${TARGET}" -A 1  ./test.txt  > /dev/null 2 > /dev/null                 //i do not want symbolic the third parameter ("./test.txt")
     may I use the manner correctly?  because when I run it ,the result is not I want. 



Nov 30, 2020, 4:03:54 AM11/30/20
Hi Vitaly:
1、 some problem about unreachable path "x > y"

     I use s2e to test the following program
the program should have three path: (1) x<y &&y<z; (2) x<y&& y>z; (3) y>z.
but when I run it in s2e, it give me three path as following , there is no path x>y, but when i look its coverage, it is 100%, why s2e does not give the input "x>y", and The coverage is 100% (as following)?  or why s2e could not give the input data about path "x>y" ?

   the above test programe have three paramters, normally, symbolic the whole parameters as following:
 But now, I only want symbolic the first parameter and the second parameter, and fixed the third parameter as concrete value "3" in the whole process of symbolic execution on S2e running. is the following using correctly?

Vitaly Chipounov

Dec 2, 2020, 6:24:09 AM12/2/20
to, sandwich125

It works as expected. You are using signed integers, so 0x81 is actually negative, so 0x81 < 0.
The test case generator always prints unsigned integers.


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