The Axis Game Factory Launches On Kickstarter

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Rayna Himenez

Dec 5, 2023, 6:11:28 PM12/5/23
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Heavy Water hopes to raise at least $400,000 in the next month via the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. The game factory is easy enough to use so people without formal game development training can create their own gorgeous 3D games. Do-it-yourself game development is harder than it should be, and this startup wants to change that.

Shake that City (on Kickstarter in Q4) is a 1-4 player game of tile placement. Tiles are placed onto a 66 player board based on the pattern created from a fun little cube dispenser. One player used the cube dispenser to create a 33 grid of colored cubes in the middle of the table. They then choose one color of cubes and place corresponding tiles on their board in an exact match of the pattern (not even rotating.) Other players can then choose one of the other colors to add to their board. After each round of play, player boards are scored. There are five different colors of tiles and they all score differently. Streets give points if they are connected to the edge, parks give points if next to a house or factory, malls give more points when they are in the middle of the board, but also need to be connected to roads. Houses are 2 points per group, but zero if they touch a factory. Finally, factories are worth 1 point if they are adjacent to another factory or 2 points if they are adjacent to a road. The game board also has some ending score options based on what type and how many tiles are placed in specific columns or rows. Look for a Kickstarter in October 2022.

The Axis Game Factory Launches on Kickstarter


Time Soldiers, which can be played in 20-minute to 90-minute scenarios, is only available through sponsorships at with a goal of raising $16,500 to finish the design and manufacture the game. Once that goal is reached, a pledge of $10 earns a Time Soldiers T-shirt, $15 a Time Soldiers wall poster and $35 the entire board game. The first 100 people to pledge $25 get the game at a reduced rate, Ray Shingler said.

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