Re: [s2e-dev] How to edit the s2e-config.lua file

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Vitaly Chipounov

Dec 7, 2020, 6:16:42 AM12/7/20
to, Mukta Debnath


plugins = {} and pluginsConfig = {} should remain as is, don't modify these lines.

In order to add a new plugin, call add_plugin().
If you need to change settings for a plugin, look for pluginsConfig.PluginName = { ... } and modify what's between { }.

The warnings in your screenshot are benign, I created an issue to clean them up. If there is a serious error, such as a syntax error or a required configuration that is missing for a plugin, S2E won't start.


On 12/7/20 12:02 PM, Mukta Debnath wrote:
I am using S2E for testing my SystemC designs. I have some queries on the s2e-config.lua file.


-- Declare empty plugin settings. They will be populated in the rest of
-- the configuration file.
plugins = {}
pluginsConfig = {}

What parameters should I put in plugins = {} and pluginsConfig = {}
I am using s2e-env.
I am getting the following warnings and errors.
I am attaching the s2e-config.lua file with the email.
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Mukta Debnath

Dec 7, 2020, 6:33:25 AM12/7/20
to Vitaly Chipounov,
Thank You, I'll check it out.
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