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Jeffrey Tufts

May 30, 2023, 4:54:41 PMMay 30
to Rv Birds

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*** Species Summary:

- Blue-winged Teal (1 report)
- Black-chinned Hummingbird (1 report)
- Forster's Tern (1 report)

Thank you for subscribing to the <daily> Jackson County Rare Bird Alert.  The report below shows observations of rare birds in Jackson County.  View or unsubscribe to this alert at https://ebird.org/alert/summary?sid=SN35946
NOTE: all sightings are UNCONFIRMED unless indicated.

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Blue-winged Teal (Spatula discors) (1)
- Reported May 29, 2023 11:08 by Ryan Terrill
- White City Lagoons (Kirtland Rd. Ponds), Jackson, Oregon
- Map: http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&t=p&z=13&q=42.4336881,-122.9128075&ll=42.4336881,-122.9128075
- Checklist: https://ebird.org/checklist/S139786713
- Media: 1 Photo
- Comments: "Photos - male. Small duck with dark blue/gray head with broad vertical crescent through lores"

Black-chinned Hummingbird (Archilochus alexandri) (1)
- Reported May 30, 2023 06:05 by Howard Sands
- 10655 Agate Road, Jackson, Oregon
- Map: http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&t=p&z=13&q=42.46904,-122.85268&ll=42.46904,-122.85268
- Checklist: https://ebird.org/checklist/S139889484
- Media: 4 Photos
- Comments: "Photo. One was here 5/21. Same bird?"

Forster's Tern (Sterna forsteri) (1)
- Reported May 29, 2023 09:00 by Gloria Beerman
- Denman WMA--Whetstone Pond, Jackson, Oregon
- Map: http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&t=p&z=13&q=42.4181342,-122.8657722&ll=42.4181342,-122.8657722
- Checklist: https://ebird.org/checklist/S139844754
- Media: 1 Photo
- Comments: "Medium sized tern. Black cap, long orange (not red orange) bill, light grey upper parts with lighter primaries, long forked tail and white body(underside). Flew past us several times going from one end of the pond to the other. We have one photo. Our camera battery died so we were unable to get more. Last seen flying to the far east side of the pond."


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