White-crowned Sparrows, 9/7/21

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Vince Zauskey

Sep 7, 2021, 4:29:51 PMSep 7
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While walking dogs at the southend of Emigrant Lake today (Rosebud Lane, intersection of Hwy. 66 and 99), I saw 6 White-crowned Sparrows around 9:40AM.  Two birds were adults, the other 4 were immatures.  

Also had another Peregrine Falcon (doubtful it was the same one I saw approx. 2 weeks ago) perched on an oak snag at the end of Rosebud Lane.  I saw it for about 5 minutes as it preened and looked around but the Peregrine immediately flew when it was approached by an immature Red-tailed Hawk flying towards it. 

I'm wondering if the Peregrine Falcon could be hunting small birds like Western Bluebirds as there are no waterfowl in this area (I recently saw a flock of about 25 Western Bluebirds flying on the southend of the dry lakebed).  I have not seen any shorebirds but there are a handful of Killdeer around.  

Many Turkey Vultures roosting and flying out/soaring later in the AM in this same area.  Some were immatures.  
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