What running shoe? Get 40% on the final price of the Gurgaon Running And Living Marathon and a Half before Aug 31st

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Rahul Verghese

Jul 29, 2016, 1:51:00 AM7/29/16
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"The shoe maketh the man"

This is the time when every seasoned runner and every aspiring 5km runner, is asking the same questions:

what shoe do you wear? 
what brand is good? 
what model is good for me?

Few basics in the long term:
Running form and style is a critical area to focus on, which over time makes the running shoe less critical
Less and less is more, going as minimalist as possible over time, improves running form
Different running surfaces require different shoe types - road running, cross country and trail running
Different running objectives require a different shoe type - racing, long distance (where you ultimately possibly resort to heel striking when tired), short distance running.

and the side benefits of focusing on your running form are:
Lower chance of injury
More efficient running and therefore better stamina and speed
More enjoyment during each run

It is then, that the man maketh the shoe

In the short term:
Your shoe needs to make up for your perhaps imperfect running style (which by the way applies to perhaps 90% of us)  AND NOT PERPETUATE IT.

The best guide to knowing what shoe is best for you in the short term is to have a look at the soles of your old running shoe and see which parts are the most worn out.
And then buy something that is more fortified in those areas.

would urge you to find out more about what is good for your feet - click here

Check out multiple brands, multiple styles once you are armed with some basic information about yourself and your feet.
DO NOT get totally swayed by what someone else finds comfortable to good for them, become even if you and I are the same weight and we run similar distances and speeds and have the same objectives, our running styles and the way we land may be different and therefore our shoe needs are different.

Definitely keep at least 2 running shoes in your cupboard and alternate them. Also, start noting down what makes you comfortable and over what terrain and over what distance etc etc, and gradually become more knowledgeable about your own needs and what works for you over time.

And then, go back to focusing on your running form over time - check out the mid strike, and your photographs of your foot landing when you review your running snaps. While running in a group, give feedback to your friend whom you run behind and by the side of, and get them to give you feedback too. Thats what group running is about  - having fun and learning a lot from each other.
Use your selfies well and also focus onthe feet, not just the smiles.

And then if you register now before Aug 31st you will save 40% off the final price with the early bird rates, for your favorite distance - from 5km to 63.3km in the 9th edition of the Gurgaon running and living marathon and a half on 11th dec 2016

And enjoy the ride with your new shoes


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