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Rahul Verghese

May 29, 2017, 2:03:14 AM5/29/17
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For better coordination, micro muscles, balance, anticipation, injury rehab .... run trails

Trails with uneven surfaces,and obstacles,get you to concentrate on each step, look ahead and down to the immediate step, focus on your balance at times, take a longer or a shorter, quicker stride at times , and keep your motion varied. Make the most of what nature has to offer in it's outdoor stadia, and be amazed at the impact on your running and your enjoyment of running.
We do loads of trail runs across the country in a variety of terrain to keep you on your toes.

Build strength, exercise your heart and lungs, strengthen glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves, improve speed and form ... run hills

Train with uphill sprints, shorten and quicken strides on downhills to avoid heel impact, run at sea level and at altitude, get out into nature for your all body work out which will transform you. A lot of the runs we do have some hill element in them - the climbs and downhills can be challenging - at altitude in the upper Himalaya, in places like Shimla at 7000 ft or at Rishikesh at 2000 ft. Check out how much of a runner's high you want

Explore India - Discover Yourself
We look forward to seeing your smiling face over many trails and hills in the 15 runs we do across the country during the year
Rahul Verghese

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