Info for the last week before your Tata Mumbai Marathon or Half Marathon on Jan 21st

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Rahul Verghese

Jan 12, 2018, 8:08:04 AM1/12/18
The last week before your Half or Full Marathon in Mumbai on Jan 21st
The last week before your Half or Full Marathon is the time for building physical and nutritional reserves and being positively focused for peak mental strength
Below are some pointers to keep in mind.

The week before:
  1. Rest well and do not exert yourself this week–your body needs to build reserves now, rather than deplete them.
  2. Think positive and reflect on the good runs and training you have had, rather than on the training that you may have missed.
  3. Eat more carbohydrates–brown rice,pasta and cut out deep fried foods to build energy reserves.
  4. Reduce tea, coffee and alcohol, and drink more water and fresh juices including tender coconut water to build hydration levels.
  5. Wear the gear you are going to run in–shoes, socks, undergarments, shorts and T-shirt – and sunglasses or cap, headband, face mask if required, this week and make sure you are comfortable in them.
  6. Have the same breakfast you are planning to have on Sunday, on Thursday and go for a 3 km easy run
  7. Sleep enough,and remember your best training runs before your sleep. Especially Thursday to Saturday – you need it
  8. DO NOT exert yourself and try and stay off your feet as much as you can
  9. Cut your toe nails to avoid black toe nails post the run
  10. Do not think of work and your life’s worries. Think of the course and the fun and excitement.

The day before:

  1. Relax – physically and mentally
  2. Focus on the days when you felt really good
  3. Get family and friends to cheer you
  4. Drink more water and fresh juices through the day, than usual
  5. Get your kit out for tomorrow – shorts, undergarments, shoes, socks, T shirt, chest number pinned, facemask if required, sunglasses, cap, headband
  6. Make sure there is no sand/ grit in your shoes
  7. Have an early and a heavy carbohydrate lunch on Saturday, and dinner to finish around 7-8 pm at the latest, to allow a couple hours for it to settle, before you sleep.
  8. Eat dinner early and eat well. Sleep early a few hours after dinner
  9. Don’t worry if you have not slept well on Saturday. Your Thursday and Friday sleep will count.

Do Not:
  1. Do lot’s of work at home – you may strain yourself or pull your back
  2. Eat anything new – your stomach might not handle it well
  3. Think of how little you have trained or how unfit you are feeling
  4. Have a late night

Before your run:
  1. Have a light breakfast of a banana/ orange juice and water as soon as you wake up. Hopefully this is nothing new for you – this is quick to digest, and is energy giving
  2. Get to the start point an hour earlier than your run and hit the loo again.

During your run:
  1. Start slower than what your 'feel'. Trust me. I have run 56 marathons and am still learning It is very easy to get carried away by the enthusiasm of the crowd and the atmosphere.
  2. Stick to your plan.
  3. Smile at others, and cheer on fellow runners – it lightens your load
  4. Check how you are feeling after 2km, and quicken your pace.
  5. At around the 5km mark run at a little faster than race pace to put a couple of minutes in your bank before the half way point and check your timing vs your plan.
  6. At around the 30km mark for a marathoner and at 15km for a half, if you are feeling good, pick up the pace a bit. Walk briskly up Peddar Road.
  7. Resume the run down Kemps corner and pick up the pace if you are feeling great, along marine drive.
  8. Smile for the cameras – you will treasure the great photos of yourself
  9. Sprint the last 200m - you will end on a high

Post the run
  1. Congratulate yourself
  2. Walk briskly for 5 minutes and Stretch gently.
  3. Dunk your legs in a cold tub else use an ice pack once you reach home – fixes your pains immediately.
  4. Party like crazy and be a 5 year old again
  5. Wear your medal proudly on Sunday and Monday

Rahul Verghese

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