This weekend - Undo what the Litterati does - step by step

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Rahul Verghese

May 29, 2018, 6:09:01 AM5/29/18

Picking up litter while jogging.
Plogging - transformational, fun and a good workout                                    
Nature is beautiful, bountiful and self replenishing - but it needs our help now more than earlier.
Litter in the form of packaging, bags, cans and bottles abound in some of the most scenic and deserted spots in nature. We have seen horrific sights when we do our remote runs across India. Junk from all over, at pristine Kihim beach near Mumbai, Aarey colony in Mumbai littered by picnickers, trails in Sangla Valley littered with soft drink bottles; plastic bags and litter in the Aravalli off Gurgaon and .....

We went out last week and were thrilled with our morning - sharing some of the pics from that outing, in this newsletter.

We can all make a little difference by carrying a small packet or a big bag with us to whenever we go of the beaten track into nature and pick up one or many pieces of dry garbage which may otherwise be out of sight for municipalities. That step is worth a lot and can give a huge sense of satisfaction.

We would love to have you join us this weekend - physically, digitally and socially while we go out into the Aravalli on Saturday morning to plog (Meet up at Club Florence , Golf Course Road Extension, Sector 56, Gurgaon). Or head out into nature wherever you stay and carry a bag with you - Just plog once and check out how you feel :-)

In addition, since there is so much junk out there, sharing your experience and a photograph on your Fb or linked in page or on twitter and instagram ....goes a long way in:

1- hopefully changing our own attitude on trash/ litter.
2- moving someone else to start doing the same.
3- changing attitudes of broader groups of people over time.
4- making this some sort of a movement.
5- making this part of our broader society's lifestyle.

This has be be ongoing - for our colony, country, nature and our planet :-)
It may sound Utopian - but at times, we need to aim there to get moving and get somewhere.
Let's make a start - and if we are already doing some cleaning up from time to time, let's post it and spread the word and images on social media too :-)
Transformational - is evident
Fun- especially when done with a few others
Fulfilling - as you see the size of your litter bag grow
A good workout as you bend, collect, stop, start, reach out - out on an uneven trail
A breath of fresh air as you get out into nature, away from the roads, and traffic                                    
You can collect stuff at the beginning of your run and during you run and run with your bag, or plan to collect stuff at the fag end of the run so that you can take it back to your vehicle and drop it off at an appropriate spot. Always carry water with you - along with your attitude :-)

Rahul Verghese
Come join us for a run this Saturday into the Aravalli                                           
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