Running and Living (Noida)

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Welcome on board.

This is a group for running enthusiasts from those who want to start running, to those who are ultra marathoners. Infect each other with your enthusiasm and help each other improve, share information about a great route, doc, or a piece of information or your next run or group run. Train together and have fun together.

A gentle reminder that this is a group where the focus is running and anything around that. Not for frequently promoting personal blogs and your own events. If that is your interest please contact us and we can work around mutual benefit else - create your own platform. We may be constrained to delete a few who cross the line. Thanks for your understanding and happy running.

Check us out on facebook too at and run in some of our 30 runs across the 10 states of the country. We would love to get your sweat equity in our business

Rahul Verghese
Founder - Running And Living Infotainment Pvt Ltd